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How to Pull Off Salon-Style Hair at Home

How to Pull Off Salon-Style Hair at Home

By Dana DeMercurio

There’s nothing quite like a leisurely trip to the salon for a new ‘do, am I right ladies? The shine, the bounce – it’s a glorious thing to behold! But as much as we all love that straight-from-the-chair look, it’s not always feasible for busy moms (not to mention the often hefty price tag). Think you can’t mimic that same professional styling from the comfort of your own home? Think again.

Becoming your own personal hair stylist is easier than you think – especially when equipped with the right tools and tricks of the trade. Browse our list of must-have styling products to perfect your ‘do without spending all your dough.

Click n Curl ($30-$70)


Looking for a blow-out tool that yields voluminous locks and loose flowing curls? Look no further than the Click n Curl. Created by entrepreneur, hairstyling enthusiast and busy mom Kim Nimsgern, the Click n Curl was designed with you in mind. “I came up with this idea of Click n Curl after fussing with a round brush and rollers, all while trying to get my kids ready for school in the morning,” says Nimsgern. “I realized there had to be a better way, so I worked on combining the two tools and realized it produced great body and volume.” Kudos, Kim – you nailed it! This uber-easy styling tool allows you to dry, curl and set all in one stress-free step. The secret: detachable round brush rollers. Simply divide hair, blow-dry using the Click n Curl brush, then detach the barrel roller and leave in for desired amount of time to achieve luscious locks in a flash. Whether your hair is seven inches long or 17 inches long, Click n Curl has a size that’s designed for you. Models, TV hosts and salon stylists alike praise this product, and you will too. Check out reviews, product selection and more at

Mastey ($22)


Meet the masters of organic haircare products: Mastey offers an array of environment-friendly styling systems that will cleanse, condition and protect your hair from coloring, heat and other harsh daily damages. With a 100% vegan product line that’s free of synthetic dyes and parabens, Mastey is perfect for health-conscious stylists and salons around the world. Argan oil, olive oil, rice amino acids, anti-oxidants and nourishing vitamins make Mastey an easy choice for at-home haircare. Our favorite product: Mastey Color Protecting Restorative Mask. This deep-conditioning treatment repairs damaged locks thanks to the plethora of pure ingredients. Making your hair manageable again without the help of a stylist just got a whole lot easier. Check out Mastey’s full line of products here:

Mixed Chicks No Frizz Trio ($40)


One of the many perks of salon visits for curly hair customers are frizz-free results. But correct us if we’re wrong – it seems that it never lasts past the first at-home washing, especially in particularly humid climates. Ultimately frizz returns for an encore performance, and it’s pretty much the worst. Tame your tangles and define your curls with Mixed Chicks game-changing No Frizz Trio. This trio of shampoo, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner is all you need to clarify, define and detangle your hair, no matter how curly it is! And did we forget to mention that blow-drying is not required? Think about all things you can do (or not do) with the time saved by switching to this trifecta of haircare therapy. You’re welcome.

Cibu Sticky Rice Pomade ($18)


Managing and styling short, textured hair at home can be just as demanding (and exhausting) as long hair. Fret not, salon-skipping friends. Cibu’s best-selling pomade, Sticky Rice, is the only product you need to style your pixie or spikey cut. Adding shine, texture, durability and a whole lotta edge, Cibu’s high quality ingredients make it ideal for keeping moisture in and harsh chemicals out. It evens works as a color preserver, thanks to the beneficial rhatany root extract formula. It’s a unisex product, so don’t be surprised if your man dips into it to keep his coif carefully composed as well!

Big Sexy Hair Get Layered Hairspray ($11-18)


Now that you’ve perfected your salon quality hairstyle at home, it’s time to lock it all in place. You’ll need a spray that doesn’t add weight or leave that crunchy, oily, wet look we all cringe thinking about (1980s, anyone?). The solution: Big Sexy Hair Get Layered Hairspray – it’s magic in an aerosol can. Touted as the “driest hair spray on the market,” this award-winning product has been at the top of the charts for beauty buffs for several reasons. First, it won’t leave your hair looking shellacked. Second, it provides unbelievable shine while eliminating frizz. Third, it provides lasting light to medium hold. Don’t bother using this product for complex prom up-dos or uber-tight curls – it won’t do the job. But if it’s a natural look you’re going for, this is the product for you.