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Jazz Up Your Water!

Jazz Up Your Water!

By Stephanie Green

Drinking water on a daily basis is one of the best habits to pick up – staying hydrated and healthy will always be in season. However, it can leave you yearning for more kick, just a little more flavor. Fortunately that can be easily remedied – water does not have to be boring!

Lemon and Lime


Citrus is a healthy add-in; it both tastes light and adds a dash of vitamin C. Because it is cold and flu season, this add-in may be especially important to help strengthen your immune system.



This is a versatile option for flavoring water. Adding fruits like strawberries, raspberries, apples and oranges are sure to quench your thirst. It is important to use harder fruits; foods like bananas or mangoes may fall apart in your water. An easy life-hack: simply put water in a large glass container, slice and add fruit, allow it to chill in the refrigerator, and enjoy!



Tasty herbs like mint and parsley add an interesting and refreshing twist to an ordinary glass of water. To add more flavor, simply crush the leaves of the herb when it’s added to the water. This will release more of its juices.



This is not a typo – you can also add wine to jazz up an ordinary glass of wine! This add-in works best when using a particularly sweet wine, but as with any add-in, personal taste rules. The trick with this add-in is that the water should greatly outweigh the wine (though, I’m sure, we could all go for a glass).

Water may seem boring, but it is incredibly beneficial to our health. It helps promote a healthy weight, skin, and delivers a positive, refreshing burst of energy. As well, it can help flush toxins from the body; this is an important benefit during cold and flu season. Be sure to drink 8 glass of water daily, and try these refreshingly tasty add-ins!