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“‘Accidentally’ Natural Products”

“‘Accidentally’ Natural Products”

By Stephanie Green

For many, living well is not simply a fad. It is not a fleeting moment that brings organics and natural products in their home – it is a way of life and it is a way to be conscious, sustainable citizens of the planet. Here is a list of five products that prove that labels do not always need to read ‘organic’ for you to live naturally.

Natural Peanut Butter and other Hidden Gems

Natural peanut butters like those found at Kroger and Target are inexpensive alternatives to organic labels. In both store brands of ‘natural peanut butter’ the ingredients are peanuts and salt as an option. There is almost no need to buy organic labels if you take the time to read labels!

Kirk’s Castile Soap

Natural or organic soaps can be very expensive – as much as $20 for a 10-12 ounce bottle of body wash. However, for more than 175 years, Kirk’s Castile soap has been around to provide an affordable, natural, and reliable natural soap for customers.

Local Produce

Buying local produce is a great way to stimulate your community, and it is also a great way to get fruits and vegetables grown without chemicals without turning your wallet inside out.

Target: Made to Matter

Target is a great place to shop if you are committed to affordable and available organics and natural products. The Target brand of organics, appropriately named Simply Balanced, has changed the chain’s sale of affordable organics in the local community. Target’s Up & Up baby products are hypoallergenic and free of perfumes; Target has a tight hold on ‘accidentally’ natural products within the retail market.

Many times, the organics sold in local stores are priced so high simply for the ‘organic’ or ‘all-natural’ brand label. There is no need to purchase an item for the label; the most important aspect is reading labels and truly understanding what you are buying. Taking a few minutes to understand the ingredients could mean a better, greener lifestyle for your family.


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