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Who’s in that picture? Zatswho®

Who’s in that picture? Zatswho®


The first years of life are the most important time for children, emotionally and developmentally. Once a new parent, the focus switches almost entirely to the newborn baby. As parents delight in having a baby and watching their newborn change from day to day, they may also find the transition to mom or dad incredibly stressful.

Additionally, there is so much on a young family’s plate it can seem overwhelming, especially if families are separated by distance, ie. grand parenting at a distance, deployed military and even money restraints keep from frequent visits.

One of the simplest steps you can take is engaging your newborns senses with brain-boosting baby activities— and it’s easy to do with Zatswho®. Zatswho® is Unique to the market: a creative learning game and activity that you personalize with pictures of your loved ones. Zatswho® soft flexible flashcards are cognitive, communicative, sensory and physical, stimulating neurons to facilitate language, teach photo recognition, memory development and logical thinking. 

Zatswho® is also AblePlay® rated. Parents know their child better than anyone and observe behaviors and quirks that a pediatrician, in quick fifteen-minute visits may miss. Parents are also in the best position to spot the earliest warning signs of autism. Research has shown that catching autism early—ideally by the age of eighteen months—can make a huge difference, the younger your child, the greater the impact of treatment on symptoms of autism.

As parents create a lasting impact playing with their baby, they are sharing a special activity as they talk and teach who’s in the picture, helping their baby to recognize family at a distance enhancing the family bonds. Zatswho® with lasting play value will help to lay the foundation for children developmentally, educationally and emotionally. A thoughtful and lasting gift that packs and goes making it an ideal activity for parents to use at home or on the go!