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2018 Holiday Must-Haves for the Family


With the bustle of preparing for the holidays, you find yourself struggling to find ideas of what to give your wife, a family member, or a close friend. Asking people what is on their wish list might eliminate the element of surprise you were hoping for. This list will help take the guess work out of finding a unique gift for your loved ones without breaking a sweat or even leaving the your home. So get a cup of hot cocoa, put on the Christmas music, and get comfy in your holiday pj's for gift shopping this year. Read More »

Give the gift that gives twice… Operation ResCUTE

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The days are starting to get shorter and the leaves will soon be swirling off the branches of trees. With Autumn creeping up on us, the influence of the cooler weather has started the countdown for Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities and events whether you look on social media or step into a store with holiday decor already on display. Sooner than later, your kids will have their wish lists for Santa and Christmas shopping will be right around the corner! Before you check out the holiday guides or the offers for Black Friday, consider a gift for your children that will give back to the community. Read More »

6 Presents that will Please Kids–and Parents!


Children can be tough critics. When it comes to choosing the perfect gifts for kids, you have to consider their current likes, dislikes, and distinct personalities which, let’s face it, change all the time. The key to finding the right gift is choosing something that the child can grow with. Sure, trendy toys are fun for a week or two, but after the newness has worn off, parents are left to deal with a forgotten piece of plastic. With the assortment of practical and fun gift options below to inspire your shopping list, don’t be surprised if 2015’s presents are still being used this time next year. Read More »

Holiday Gifts Dad Will Love


By Greer Barnes He’s probably been the main man in your life for a while, and though he may be your husband, you probably call him “Dad” too. He’s the yang to your yin, and though he may drive you crazy sometimes, you know you wouldn’t want to spend your life or raise a family with anyone else. So here’s ... Read More »

Beauty Gifts for Her Under $50!


Now that fall is well underway and winter is around the corner, the holiday shopping can commence! Of course, buying gifts for loved ones is not all fun and games. Between choosing a thoughtful gift your mother-in-law will actually like to staying under budget, what should be “the most wonderful time of the year” can be stressful. When it comes to shopping for the women in your life, a beauty gift is a no-brainer. From lotion to lipstick and perfume to powder, there is a beauty product out there for even the pickiest people. Here are a few luxurious, reasonably-priced products that will make the ladies you love feel pampered and keep your wallet a little fuller. Read More »

Hot Holiday Gifts that Up the Cool Factor


This season, make that stack of gift cards the “ghost of holidays past” and look for presents that embrace the unique style, personality and interests of the loved ones you’re buying for. Use this guide to help you find the hottest gifts and ideas to suit everyone on your list, and make you the coolest gifter south of the North Pole. Read More »

Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle


With Halloween under our belts and Christmas fast approaching (50 days to be exact), parents are staring one of their worst nightmares right in the face: holiday shopping. Want to skip the lines and ditch the early bird sales this year? If you’re new to online holiday shopping and not sure where to start your search, don’t worry… we’ve got you covered. Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab your favorite blanket and enjoy perusing AKA Mom Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Marketplaces’ from the comfort of your own living room (or bed—we won’t judge!) Read More »