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Tips and Tools to Shift Stress into Serenity

Tips and Tools to Shift Stress into Serenity

by Kim Somers Egelsee

As we experience our daily lives as working moms, the days can be filled with diaper changes, drop offs, whining, tears and driving all over the place. It can get a bit crazy and demanding and we think we have to be Super Woman. Many of us aspire to be perfect. The perfect mom, wife, friend and business woman. Then, when we mess up or do not follow through we often feel bad about ourselves, which puts us in a negative and disempowered state of mind. It is important to forgive ourselves and do the best that we can. Rewarding ourselves and celebrating our successes helps us to stay motivated. Remember that a bad mood  is just a low energy state and we have the power to shift out of it. Here are some ways we can change the energy from negative to positive.

1. Give! Hug our kids. Blow kisses more often. Do volunteer work, go help out a friend, smile at a child, call a family member. Giving helps you forget your troubles and feel great.

2. Go do something fun and exciting that you loved to do as a child, either alone, on a date or with your own kids. Build a sand castle, hula hoop, eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, take a day trip to Disneyland. Embrace your inner child and remember who you truly are.

3. Read an uplifting and inspirational book. Talk to an encouraging person,choose a mentor to regularly learn from,watch a motivating or funny  DVD. Smile more. Shout in the car empowering words such as ” I am powerful.”

4. Write in a journal what you are grateful for, what you have celebrated in your life and what you love about yourself. Go into a quiet spot and take time to reflect as you do this. Use your intuition and let the thoughts flow.

5. Moms need to remember self care; go get a massage , your hair cut, a new shirt. Feel good about you so you can be of service to others, an example to your children  and live more fulfilled.

6. Music is healing. Play an instrument, listen to your favorite tunes, go to a concert.

7. Take a step toward your passions and dreams. Start with a small step and then celebrate that you did it.

8. Pet a dog, hold a baby or hug a loved one. This releases endorphins.

9. Exercise. Work out at the gym, go do a yoga class, hike, swim.

10. Go out in nature and breathe. Now, go out and see how quickly this shifts and elevates your mood and state. Try these often to uplift your life and experience a lot more joy so that you can meet your goals and resolutions and experience exciting adventures.

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