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Why You Should Stop Complaining About Getting Older…

Why You Should Stop Complaining About Getting Older…

(Seriously, Stop)

By Dana DeMercurio

Someone has to say it: People who constantly complain about growing older are often times fishing for compliments – among other things.  Sure, being 35 isn’t the same as being 25, but who in their right mind wants to relive their 20s? Hard pass.  There are some seriously great advantages to getting older, and just in case you can’t figure that out on your own, we are happy to spell it out for you.

Offending Those Older Than You: When a woman of 35 tell her coworker of 55 that she feels old, how do you think that 55 year old woman feels? We’re going to go with completely insulted.  Just imagine if the tables were turned.  Yeah, not a pretty thought. Don’t make any enemies in 2015 with vain comments like these. You’ve officially been warned!

Placebo Affect: “You’re only as old as you feel” has always held a lot of weight in our opinion, and the more you tell yourself you feel old, the more your body is going to respond to that negativity. Have a healthy mind and a positive self-image without age getting in the way.

Life Is Short: If you’re constantly worrying about being older, your life will pass before your eyes and you will inevitably look back and think ‘why did I waste my youth worrying about getting old?’ Don’t live with that kind of regret.  Live life knowing that aging is a natural and beautiful process which unites the human race.  Embrace your age at every stage in life, and find the blessings and lessons within it.

Don’t Kill My Vibe: A lot of women embrace their age and the natural aging process, yet when they get together with friends who only speak ill of it, it kind of puts a damper on the whole thing.  Sometimes the best thing to do is keep that opinion to yourself, as others might find it ridiculous and annoying.

Getting Older is AWESOME: Getting older means not making the same mistakes twice, being able to share your life lessons with your family, watching your children blossom into adults and having children of their own and sharing even more precious moments with those you love.  All of these are contingent on you growing older. Don’t forget how beautiful your future can be if you just simply let it happen.