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Six Steps to Authentic Perfection

Six Steps to Authentic Perfection

By Kim Somers Egelsee

The pressures of living the American dream often encourages us to be perfect. We often feel we need to meet extremely high standards, look like celebrities, and never make mistakes. If we do not meet this crazy criteria, we feel unworthy, not enough or even unloved. This has to do with the belief or definition of perfect that has been ingrained in our minds.  Is this a fact? Of course not. The true definition of perfect is actually having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. This can be interpreted so many ways. We have the power to decide how to look at, and apply this. We can stop punishing ourselves with these unattainable ideals and look at what our authentic perfection can be.

We are all born in utter perfection; pure, wonderful and unique. Through the years, baggage and layers form as a result of beliefs, choices, communication and lifestyle. This creates layers and blocks that prevent us from being who we truly are.  We begin living and seeing and communicating through these painful layers, which creates confusion, problems and low energy, and is the illusion that we are not perfect. The key is to begin working on getting back to that authentic self.

Here are six tips and tools to get you there faster and always love, live and experience utter perfection.

1. Peel away the layers to get to the true you. This may be difficult through the process, but so worthwhile. Many people need a coach or therapist to help them with this. Taking the experiences, emotions, pain, and anything negative that is blocking your truest self, and getting to that breakthrough, analyzing it, letting it go and keeping the wisdom is key. This will leave you with the happy you, the bold, strong, brave and nonjudgemental you.

2. Embracing your own uniqueness. We all have very special or unusual qualities. Sometimes we feel that they are too silly or different to let them out. By owning these unique gifts, we present ourselves as standing out from the crowd, as our own perfection. Think of an interesting teacher you’ve had, a musician, or even a family member. Maybe their laugh, their quick wit, or even their hula hooping skills make them unique. You remember them this way, and they own who they are. You can do this too. Think of the qualities you have and begin to celebrate them.

3. Radiating out who you truly are deep inside. Create a list of at least ten things you love about you. Now decide which qualities you would like to radiate out every day. Would you like to radiate out love, living by example, enthusiasm, compassion and kindness? Decide each morning to do so and go for it. This way you are in tune with who you want to be.

4. Feel happy and fulfilled. Train your brain to be extra happy by telling yourself regularly that things, people, experiences and you yourself, make you happy.  Walk by flowers and tell yourself that they make you happy. Experience a sunset and remind your brain that this is joy. Spend time with a best friend and remind your mind that this is fulfilling. The more you train your brain that your life is  happy and fulfilling, your life will become so.

5. Create your dreams. Create your own opportunities and jump into them. Whatever you want in life, find out how to go about getting it. You can ask for help, start researching, take action and move in big and small steps toward what you wish for.

6. Touch others lives. We all have a responsibility to live by example. This means becoming the best “true us”that is possible. When we become our authentic selves, we feel happier, and can touch someone’s life by just giving them a sentence of advice, smiling or even helping them out.

Remember that true perfection is when you find your authentic self, know who you truly are and let it out, and feel amazing in your own skin. You can define perfection as your own special ideal that is the real you. How wonderful to let that out to the world and not have to be like anyone else.