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How to Ask and Receive Feedback that can Change Your Life


By Kim Somers Egelsee

Feedback is something that can magnify your life and increase your success, actions and attitude. It is a way for you to see yourself from other’s perspectives. People often become confused as to what they truly want to do in their life, what their purpose may be, or if they should really follow their passions and heart’s desire. Asking for feedback can give you so many answers.  Start today. Choose 8 people that you know. It can be a combination of those you work with, friends, people on social media and family. Email them that you are doing a project from an article that you read, and you would love for them to answer three questions.

1. How do you see me? Describe in several words.

2. What are my talents and gifts?

3. What are some constructive criticisms you can give me?

When you receive the results, you will most likely be happily surprised and have a major confidence boost. (Just the bravery of doing this exercise boosts your confidence).  You will now discover some talents that you didn’t realize that you had, traits that you can bring out even more now that you know people see you that way, a few things that you can improve, and some new career or project ideas. Now, life is different, your confidence is building, and you know how people see you.

Finally, take this information and create a plan. Brainstorm new passions, decide which traits you will emphasize and use, and watch your self esteem boost to higher plains. to think that we know how others see us, can be delusional. It also can cause uncertainty and unease if we are constantly wondering what others think of us, which can show in our demeanor and in our energy. It is extremely powerful to dare and ask other how they see you, what constructive criticisms they can give you, what talents do they think you have? Enjoy this process and see your confidence, self esteem and life soar!




Kim Somers Egelsee

#1 best selling author of Getting Your Life to a Ten +