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Create Your Own Restful Retreat

Create Your Own Restful Retreat


Every woman knows it can be hard to work in a little personal time.

A recent survey conducted with women found that two-thirds of respondents wished they had a special place to treat themselves and indulge in a little luxury. While many men have their own private “man cave” section of the house, many women long for their own place for a little “me-time.”

“I know that women have the desire to make their own special place at home. I have a passion for creating simple and comfortable spaces,” said Melissa Michaels, blogger of “The Inspired Room,” who is partnering with the Skinny Cow® brand to help women create their own lady lair or WoCavé.

You can turn any space into your own little nook by incorporating a few personal touches:

  • Entertainment Reserve Every girl loves a little rest and relaxation with her favorite movies, television shows and music. Whether you love sentimental “chick flicks” or action-packed movies, keep your place stocked with your favorite movies and shows to catch-up on at the end of a long day. Also, make sure you have access to your favorite songs to enjoy while lounging.
  • Girlfriend-Worthy NookEveryone knows sharing is always more fun, so include comfortable seating for visiting girlfriends. Move nice furniture from other corners of your home or purchase second hand furniture and jazz it up with a sassy sofa cover and chic decorative pillows.
  • Snack Stash No personal space would be complete without a stash of indulgent, tasty treats, such as ice cream, candy and salty snacks. In fact, more than 57 percent of the women surveyed said they would include a candy bowl in their special room and nearly half would decorate their space with a freezer to keep their indulgent ice cream on hand, such as delicious Skinny Cow ice cream. 
  • Fabulous Reads An assortment of magazines and books are also a must for this space. Surround yourself with your favorite reading materials and bask in the peace and quiet. Be sure to keep these favorites organized with a stylish magazine holder tote or bookcase. These items can be found at thrift or craft stores and decorated to fit your flair for the room.
  • Beauty Parlor It can be hard to find time to treat yourself to a little beauty, so have a small stockpile of beauty tools for manicures, pedicures and makeovers. Invite girlfriends over for a night of nails, noshing and quality girl time. You’re sure to pick up some of their beauty tips as well.

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