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10 Signs You’re Still a Kid at Heart

10 Signs You’re Still a Kid at Heart

By Dana DeMercurio

If you believe growing up is a trap, being an adult is overrated and Lucky Charm marshmallows are the most delicious breakfast food currently available on the cereal market, then this list is for you. Join us as we salute our inner child without an ounce of shame.

 1.  You find “coloring” therapeutic –

Maybe it’s the smell of a fresh box of crayons or the plethora of black and white pages with which to express your artistic creativity. Whatever your reason, cracking open a coloring book brings you inner peace and serenity on days when wine just won’t do the trick. Who are we kidding – wine always does the trick. Coloring is just plain fun.

2.  Eating sweets for dinner is often deemed appropriate –

Scarfing a carton of ice cream for breakfast, lunch or dinner is totally justifiable in our book, especially on a day off or after a long work week. If anyone gives you a sideways look, don’t hesitate to drop them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

3.  You listen to Disney music…by choice –

If you often find yourself alone in your car jamming out to your favorite songs from Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, you just might be a child at heart. If you know all the lyrics by heart, you’re definitely a child at heart (*guilty*).

4.  You’re still (kinda) afraid of the dark –

Who says night lights are just for kids? The number of adults who are afraid of things that go bump in the night are higher than you might think, suggests Thomas Ollendick, professor of psychology and director of the Child Study Center at Virginia Tech. If fear of the unexpected keeps you up at night, like creepy crawlers or someone popping out of your closet, here’s a quick solution: face your fears rather than letting your imagination run wild during bedtime. Deep breathing and mediation often work for insomnia associated with fear of the dark.

5.  Throwing tantrums remain to be your thing

Tired? Hungry? Sick? Not getting your way? Can’t reach the can of soup on the top shelf? If throwing a tantrum is your first method of handling these situations, you have more in common with your child than you think.

6.  You have trouble sharing…especially your food –

“L’eggo My Eggo” remains to be your morning, noon and night mantra. Parents often stress the value of sharing with their children, but how often do you bypass the opportunity? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Carry on, food hoarders, carry on.

7.  Naps are your jam –

Let’s be honest – napping at your desk, on your desk or under your desk is a weekly occurrence…and you have absolutely no shame about it. Sometimes adults need naps too, right? Even your doctor will agree – naps are healthy and can increase productivity!

8.  So are sleepovers –

Any excuse to give your hubby the boot and invite your girlfriends over for a long night of drinking and impromptu pillow fights is your idea of a Saturday evening well spent. Bust out the throwback yearbooks, crank up the tunes from your favorite decade and enjoy a night of reminiscing and relaxation.

9.  Your birthday isn’t just a day –

It’s pretty much the entire week leading up to it. Sure, turning 37 isn’t quite the same as turning 21, but it’s a celebration nonetheless. Any excuse to put on that little black dress and paint the town red is what your birthday is all about. Be sure to share your birthday present wish list with your loved ones, because let’s face it – you’ve had it ready to go since the day after your birthday last year.

10.  The cotton candy at sporting events is the only reason why you go to sporting events –

Pink, yellow and blue sugary sweetness – it’s a trifecta of flavor that brings your taste buds back to yesteryear time and time again. If you’re fingers aren’t temporarily stained with bright colored fluff, then you didn’t do your inner child justice.