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In the Bedroom

Fifty Shades of Denial?


Millions of women around the world continue to devour Fifty Shades of Grey, the book and the movie, but before our fascination with Christian Grey, the controlling billionaire who lures a virgin co-ed into his Red Room of Pain, was our blood lust for the immortal men of Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood. Read More »

Stocking Stuffers for Men on the Naughty List


Stumped on what to get your man this Christmas? Boy do we have the ultimate shopping guide for you. Ditch your standard stocking stuffers this year and give your man what he really wants: you! But beware, as these gifts are by no means meant to be opened with the kids or in-laws around. Otherwise things could get awkward. Like, really awkward. Read More »

Boosting Brain Power with Sex


Parents, before reading this, do yourselves a quick favor and do a 360 turn in your chair to make sure no teenagers are within view of this article. Trust us, you don’t want them knowing that sex is one of the best ways to boost brain power…unless of course you no longer want to pay for their weekly math tutor. Read More »

All-Natural Fun: Condoms and Lubricants for a Greener Lifestyle


In recent years, it has become so popular to employ the use and practice of organics that a green lifestyle is much more than a fad. Local produce, natural peanut butter, and free and clear laundry detergent are just a few of the products that people use daily to reduce their carbon footprint. But is it possible to live a green lifestyle… in the bedroom? Here are four brands that prove it. Read More »