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The Ladies Behind the (Cosmetic) Lines

The Ladies Behind the (Cosmetic) Lines

By Dana DeMercurio

According to recent data by leading market research company Lucintel, the global cosmetic industry is forecasted to reach nearly $265 billion by 2017. That’s billion with a ‘b,’ ladies.  This number is not all that surprising since a decent drugstore bronzer or mascara can cost upwards of $17 these days, however it does pique our interest regarding brand loyalty and recognition. Many brands have become household names, yet how much do we really know about the brand and how it got started? For instance, did you know that Benefit Cosmetics was founded by twin sisters from Indiana? Or that one of your favorite nail polish brands was peddled to salons in Las Vegas before hitting the global market? Today, you’re getting a lesson in beauty basics, starting with the phenomenal women who founded some of your (and our!) favorite beauty brands.


Jamie Kern Lima: Perhaps you remember Lima from her QVC spotlight before making it to the big leagues with her now $100 million cosmetic company, IT Cosmetics. Lima’s entrepreneurial prowess was kickstarted after she quit her day job as a news anchor in 2008 and starting cranking out Bye-Bye Undereye Concealer – a product of the company which was being run from her apartment in Studio City, Calif. Lima’s high performance cosmetics are developed alongside top-ranking plastic surgeons using the finest ingredients and latest anti-aging technology.  IT Cosmetics can be found at beauty megastore Ulta and online at


Lisa Chetrit: Growing up in a Moroccan-American household, Kesh Beauty founder and CEO Lisa Chetrit was no stranger to the now coveted and highly sought-after Argan oil. A staple not only for beauty routines with hair and skin but an edible accoutrement for an array of home-cooked meals, Chetrit was familiarized with the golden liquid at an early age. It wasn’t until her trip to Marrakesh in her twenties, however, until she truly realized Argan oil’s value.  Kesh Beauty was birthed upon her return home, and the rest, as they say, is history. Sourcing only natural ingredients of the highest quality for her products, Chetrit’s line is 100% organic and benefits the women’s cooperative from which it is sourced in the mountains of Morocco. Kesh Beauty has a bevy of eco-friendly beauty products for hair, face and body that every women should have in her arsenal.


Tamika Fletcher: Meet Tamika Fletcher – hair guru, DIY devotee and founder of under-the-radar product line, Earth’s Nectar.  Fletcher is all about women embracing their natural locks, so she created a haircare line specifically for women with curly hair who want to go au natural.  As the co-owner of Natural Resources Salon, Fletcher knows a thing or two about hair, and teachers her clients about the benefits of going chemical-free. In fact, her entire product line is designed to make women feel good about their natural curls, even if they’ve been damaged by hot tools or chemicals in the past. These eco-friendly products can be found in stores and online at


Shannon Dellimore: Originally designed in 2010 for exclusive backstage and professional use throughout Hollywood’s award industries, GLAMGLOW was eventually made available to the public market after its staggering success in Tinseltown – thanks in part to co-founder Shannon Dellimore. Alongside husband Glenn, this dynamic duo created a cosmetic empire from the ground up that includes a plethora of seemingly magical facial mud masks that boast stunning results.  Dellimore’s skincare brand comes with a sterling reputation, and she has the awards and accolades to prove it! All of Dellimore’s products include a patented formula with TEAOXI technology that works with all skin types for both men and women.  Check out to learn more about Dellimore and her line of youth-restoring facial products.


Jean and Jane Ford: The cosmetic industry got a double dose of beauty in the late 70’s when twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford outgrew their small-town Indiana roots and headed west to make it big in the beauty business. There were a few speed bumps on their path to cosmetic celebrity, however.  The sisters tried their hand at modeling in the Big Apple, catching their big break when they landed a few national commercial ads for Calgon bath beads. The two quickly realized that the model life won’t last forever, and took their catwalk capital to San Francisco where they opened Face Place, later to be known as Benefit Cosmetics. That’s right –the nostalgic, feel-good, quirky and oh-so-original beauty brand was founded by twin sisters whose mantra “make-up doesn’t have to be serious to look good” teaches us all that laughter is the best cosmetic. Ford’s daughters Maggie and Annie are now the faces of the company too! A truly family-run empire. Become a Benefit beauty by visiting


Sasha Muir:  At the forefront of fashion stands butter LONDON nail polish, founded by British entrepreneur Sasha Muir. Muir has launched three successful brands from the ground up, making her a cosmetic connoisseur in our book. Her line of luxurious liquid lacquer is a catwalk veteran, donning the nails of models from the U.S. to Milan and everywhere in between. Her beloved butter LONDON lacquer is by far one of our favorite beauty products, with an assortment of brilliant colors, perfect for the diva in us all. Browse her colorful collection here –