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Give the gift that gives twice… Operation ResCUTE

Give the gift that gives twice… Operation ResCUTE

By Candice Gregg

The days are starting to get shorter and the leaves will soon be swirling off the branches of trees. With Autumn creeping up on us, the influence of the cooler weather has started the countdown for Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities and events whether you look on social media or step into a store with holiday decor already on display. Sooner than later, your kids will have their wish lists for Santa and Christmas shopping will be right around the corner! Before you check out the holiday guides or the offers for Black Friday, consider a gift for your children that will give back to the community.

Operation ResCUTE,  has a series of plush dogs and story books based on real dogs that the organization has helped rescue! They strive not only in helping shelter dogs, but to help teach young children empathy towards animals in need and help shape the desire of making a difference in their community by adopting shelter dogs. One major problem that our society faces is a surplus of abandoned dogs in need of a home. Breeders and pet shops are making a profit off of pure-bred puppies while millions of dogs living in dog shelters go unhomed and unloved. In fact, only 30 percent of dogs kept in shelters get adopted as an addition to a loving family, leaving an estimated 2.7 million healthy pets remain in shelters each year.

Founder of Operation ResCUTE, Laurie Brown-Nagin, decided to break the cycle of the problem with the overwhelming amount of shelter dogs needed help. After a chance meeting with animal control taking away a puppy in New York City, Laurie stepped in and fell in love with the puppy named Jingles. She became inspired by Jingles, researching dog shelters and with her findings, and created Operation ResCUTE. One of Laurie’s favorite roles is knowing that for every child who reads one of these books, it is an opportunity to shape attitudes and behaviors and hopefully helping one more rescue dog find the loving family they deserve. She says, “It is also equally important that my books and plush help teach empathy to the younger generation and the awareness of and desire to care for those animals and humans in need.”.


With three newly designed series, along with the original beloved Jingles, available on Amazon in mid to late October, they are coming just in time for the holidays. Each collection comes with a book, sharing the stories about a real dog that has found their furever home with the help of this amazing organization. Each collection also comes with a plush that is designed based off the dogs as well. 100% of the proceeds from the series go toward helping other shelter dogs get adopted. While your kids get a new story and a new favorite buddy for bedtime, you can also teach them that they have made a difference in a dog’s (and family’s) life!

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The holidays help us as a whole realize the more important things in life. While not every family is able to open their homes to a furry companion, a plush and a book are perfect gifts to help one get noticed and adopted to a family that can. The best presents are the kind that teach us a valuable lesson and keeps on giving. Operation ResCUTE’s mission needs our help and these plush and book collections may seem like a small token, but the payoff is a lot bigger than what we could ever imagine!

Be on the lookout for these must-have collections coming to and don’t forget to add them to your wishlists!