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Physique 57 : A Star Workout

Physique 57 : A Star Workout

IN THE FALL ISSUE of AKA Mom, we asked our cover model Denise Richards to let us in on some of her secrets for staying in shape. She told us that Physique 57® was a key element and said it was “the most challenging workout for my body”. After hearing that we had to know more, so we set out to find out just what Physique 57® is all about!

Here’s the scoop:

CO-FOUNDERS, Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi and Tanya Becker created the Physique 57® program and launched it in 2006. It’s a modern approach to the classic Lotte Berk method which was created in the 1950’s by a skilled ballet dancer. This method is taught in classes in studios in New York, Los Angeles and the Hamptons. The idea behind this workout is similar to interval training with an added twist. They take exercises that concentrate on particular muscle groups or parts of the body and repeat that exercise until that particular area is completely overloaded and then they stretch those muscles. This concept uses dance-based moves that focus on sculpting, posture and alignment, and core muscles. Think Black Swan. This process helps create long, lean muscles that appear toned, but not bulky. The results are amazing!

Now for the big question… how do those of us who do not live near a studio that teaches these classes take advantage of this fantastic new approach to exercise? Great news… there are a few different ways to get you working out like the celebrities and Physique 57® makes it easy for you to find an affordable option. They have DVD packages and equipment available for purchase on their website or you can simply choose a single DVD that fits your individual needs. They are also launching a book in January 2012 that couples the ideology of the workout with a diet plan. Pre-orders are available on their website. It will be a great tool to have on-hand!

“In just two weeks I fit into my jeans from high school!” -Parker Posey

PREGNANT??? They haven’t forgotten you! We are all well aware of the constant work involved in staying fit, and losing post-pregnancy weight is just an added hassle, but it’s not impossible! Physique 57® has created variations of their methods for prenatal and post-natal exercise. Staying active while pregnant can sometimes be difficult, but is extremely beneficial for the duration of the pregnancy and recovery after.

“It takes a lot to motivate me to exercise but Physique 57 is the ideal workout, it’s efficient, fun and targeted to get the results you didn’t think were possible!” -Demi Moore

Physique 57® works on endurance, flexibility, strength, and muscle tone, while making the necessary adjustments for a mamma’s ever-changing body. So, whether you’re close enough to attend a class, happen to grab a copy of their new book, or spend winter afternoons in your living room with one of the DVD’s, we are certain there is a Physique 57® tool that will work for you.

Article By: Raschelle Schottmuller