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The Perfect Workout – Get out of sweats and back into heels!

The Perfect Workout – Get out of sweats and back into heels!

Whether you are looking to spice up your relationship, walk with confidence, step out of your shell, or are looking for the most intense and exciting workout possible, exotic fitness is the one for you! Millions of everyday women have discovered pole and exotic dance as a source of both mental and physical empowerment.

The benefits of the art of exotic fitness workouts are a “must experience to believe” mastering your own confidence self-esteem and physical fitness along the way! Exotic fitness is designed for women of all ages and sizes, from beginners to advanced techniques and covers everything from creating sensual moves with posture and elegance, toning those troublesome areas only us moms all know we need, to the intense and exciting body sculpting and core routines of the most advanced students, you will be guided step by step along the way. Classes are offered in many different settings from the private one-on-one sessions in the privacy of your home, group classes, to private parties and our famous “Girls night out” parties offering any range of, or specific techniques your interested in.

Edith Aboul-Hosn has 8 years of experience in choreographing professional dance for women, and released her best-selling instructional DVD’s; “Exotic Dance for you” and “Pole Dancing for you“. She has taught everyone from celebrities to everyday women all around the world. Most recently you will catch her on E- Entertainment, “The Girls Next Door”, The Doctor’s Show, “The Osbournes Reloaded”on Fox T.V., “The Wedding Story” on TLC, “The Janice Dickinson” on Oxygen channel and many more T.V and Radio shows. She is a dedicated mom and wife with a dream to help everyday women, like herself, find their sensuality and passions through The Art of Pole Fitness. This amazing feat could not be achieved without an amazing formula used every activity of her own life and is brought with her to every class.

With a faithful and devoted following that grows every day, Edith has been able to expand the unique exotic and pole dance industry around the world. It’s the unique formula of combining a commitment to women empowerment and teaching real exotic and pole dance moves that not only helps you to find your sensual side but increase self-esteem, confidence and all around physical fitness in the hottest and most exciting way possible! So what are you waiting for? Empower yourself by finding and embracing the sensual woman within that you were born with, and entitled to! You will feel liberated and empowered to see just how your body was made to move! Meet Master Instructor and Founder of From Mind to Body Inc. Edith Aboul-Hosn • 949.903-1867