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Clean Cut Fun!

Clean Cut Fun!

By Haley Bridges

Now that summer is in full swing it means there are going to be lots of BBQ’s, birthday parties and Fourth of July! For the parties that don’t have their own theme it would be fun to give each event their something creative of their own. Such as a beach, animal, ice cream or sports themed. With different themes for your parties you will be able to make food into different shapes which will help make the theme pop!

One of the best ways to make these parties come alive is to make sure the food is memorable and fun! For a Fourth of July party, everyone will love flag shaped food. For parties that are baseball themed the kids will go crazy for foods shaped as baseball bats or baseballs. No matter what the theme is there is a way to make sure you have food shaped specifically for it. The way to achieve this is by buying cookie cutters; they come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for all kinds of foods from snacks such as cheese and fruit to sandwiches, salads and desserts. That being said, we found a creative company called Cookie Cutter Kingdom that is all about making cookie cutters that are unique and that you can customize to fit any event. They use 3D printing and 3D modeling technology to give you thousands of cookie cutter designs and have a variety of sizes.


The best thing about cookie cutters is that they are easy to use and clean. There are about three steps to creating great food with cookie cutters. First step is to make the food, whether it is making sandwiches or cutting up the fruit. Second step is to use the cookie cutters and press them into the food. Then finally pull off the excess food and there you go! You now have your perfect food for the party. The great thing about purchasing cookie cutters from the Cookie Cutter Kingdom is that their website even has recipes and guides for you to use, free of charge if you need an extra push to get started.

cookiecutter2  cookiecutter3

Cookie Cutter Kingdom will make your parties and special occasions exactly what you want. Your summer and Fourth of July won’t be the same without them!

Happy Eating!