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Key Signs Your Child May Need a Tutor

Key Signs Your Child May Need a Tutor

By Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of


Spending More Time on Homework:  If your child is spending more time on homework than previously or she’s avoiding doing homework it may be time to bring in extra support. Struggling kids will either keep trying and get more and more frustrated or they will avoid the issue by simply not doing the homework.

Feels Frustrated & “Hates” School: Parents need to listen to their kids for cues. Is your child expressing frustration about a specific subject or has he had a change in attitude about school in general? Every student grumbles about school once in a while, but if the child is complaining regularly or all of a sudden he is “hating” school, a teacher or a subject, that is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Drop in Test/Quiz Scores:  If your  solid B math student starts bringing home C’s on quizzes and tests, it’s a sign that he/she has missed something in class and may need help to get back on track 


Talk to your Child: This is always so tricky! You want to find a way to bring up the subject while giving them a lot of room to tell you what is going on.  A good conversation starter is, “You seem kind of frustrated with homework lately.  What can I do to help?

Contact the Teacher: Starting a dialogue with your child’s teacher can be a big help.  Let the teacher know your child is struggling and see what solutions the school may offer.  

Online Resources can Help:  From videos to live tutoring, the Internet is a great source for help.   Sites like offer live tutoring done with vetted experts on your family’s schedule.  This makes it easy to get help whenever they really need it.

Remember that getting help early, when you first realize your child is struggling, is the best idea.  The curriculum moves fast and if your child missed just one or two concepts, he/she can quickly fall behind and get frustrated even in subjects they are usually great at.



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