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Factors that could be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss


Weight loss is one of the most popular fitness goals and for good reason. Obesity is becoming epidemic and being overweight can lead to a multitude of chronic diseases and health problems. Losing weight means getting healthier, and as moms, this sets a good example for our kids and families. On the other hand, weight loss is difficult and there could be many lifestyle elements keeping you from reaching your ideal weight. Read More »

Sleep Hacking Tips


By Mackenzie Kelly How you feel in the course of your waking hours greatly depends on how well you slept the night before. A sound, restful sleep will influence energy levels, proper hormonal responses and brain function. Surprisingly, the cure to your sleeping difficulties may not be found within the sleep at all. What you do during the day has ... Read More »

Five tips to avoid holiday weight gain

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*BPT Who doesn’t love the smell of a warm kitchen during the holidays? They’re designed around food and bringing family, old friends and new friends together. However, holidays can also be a detriment to your healthy lifestyle and cause you to lose your focus through the end of the year. But they don’t have to. “Think of fall as the perfect ... Read More »

A single mom’s million-dollar idea to kill lice with salt


For Wendy Langley, a nightmare ordeal with head lice has turned into a multimillion dollar dream. With sheer determination and passion, the Oregon mother has turned the head lice industry on its head with a product that kills lice with, of all things, salt. And it's all because she was trying to protect her child, and millions more just like her. Read More »