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How to Look Wide Awake on No Sleep


We’ve all experienced a night’s sleep that wasn’t exactly “heavenly peace”. Perhaps the stress of your new job kept you tossing and turning all night. Maybe your allergies finally got the best of you, leaving you restless despite the nine hours you spent in bed. Either way you’re left with the same result: tired, puffy eyes and deep, dark under eye circles that seem impossible to mask. Read More »

Get Perfect Beach Hair Without the Beach


Sometimes it seems likes hair has a mind of its own. On the days you want to style your long hair into a sleek ponytail your hair refuses to be anything but frizzy. Maybe you cut your hair into a new short ‘do only to discover you have no idea how to style it. Either way, you’re stuck in a hair rut and you need a way out. Read More »

Get Your Summer Glow on with Pellevé

Young beautiful caucasian blond woman

We’ve all paid the price for beauty in one way or another, whether it was wearing that pair of uncomfortable, sky-high heels that made our legs look great or enduring thirty minutes of painful eyebrow waxing to get that perfect arch. Maybe you even recall spending three hours perfecting your cat-eye liner for a first date that never led to a second one. Whatever the case may be, you’ve probably found yourself wishing you didn’t have to sacrifice so much time and comfort for beauty. Now with the arrival of new skin methods like the Pellevé System you won’t have to sacrifice time away from your kids or endure a painful procedure to reveal smoother, brighter, more youthful skin. Read More »

Stay-At-Home Manicures Made Easy


By Dana DeMercurio We all want perfectly manicured nails, but at what cost? A trip to the salon comes with a price tag anywhere from $15-$50, so why not perfect your mani/pedi at home at a fraction of the cost? Don’t despair if your nail painting skills are on par with preschool art lessons – we’ve got the tools you ... Read More »

5 Must-Have Products to Keep You Safe in the Summer Sun


The month of May marks the nation’s annual Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and as the most common cancer among Americans, we wanted to spread the word about organizations and products that are making a difference in the fight against this often-times preventable malady. Shop these must must-haves with us as we spend for a cause this month. Read More »

The Ladies Behind the (Cosmetic) Lines


According to recent data by leading market research company Lucintel, the global cosmetic industry is forecasted to reach nearly $265 billion by 2017. That’s billion with a ‘b,’ ladies. This number is not all that surprising since a decent drugstore bronzer or mascara can cost upwards of $17 these days, however it does pique our interest regarding brand loyalty and recognition. Many brands have become household names, yet how much do we really know about the brand and how it got started? Read More »

Beauty Flash! Dr. Amy Wechsler Weighs In on Cool Cucumber: Skin’s Best Friend


Looking for an added daily defense against sun and free radicals? Want to treat puffy eyes? Hoping to soothe visible redness or irritation? These skin issues are not uncommon, but according to renowned New York City dermatologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Amy Wechsler, the solution for all may be as close as your kitchen! “Cucumbers are not only low in calories, but are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can feed your complexion inside and out,” Dr. Wechsler says. Read More »