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Give Your Kitchen a Facelift… Without Breaking the Bank

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift… Without Breaking the Bank

Interior Designer, Kristi Witt, Shares Her 5 Simple Tricks to Give Your Kitchen an Updated Look, While Staying Within a Small Budget

Some say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. But sooner or later, time takes its toll. At some point, giving your kitchen an updated style becomes a necessity. Interior Designer, Kristi Witt, of shares with us the good news… it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to alter your kitchen in a way that will give it that extra pop!  For this new summer season, Kristi offers some of her simple tips for how to update your kitchen with the latest styles and trends, while still being financially responsible.

Kristi says… 

1. Paint: Paint is the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to get the most bang for a hard-earned buck – especially if you are the DIY type! Typically the area of square footage one would paint in a kitchen is much less than a normal room since you have cabinetry and fixtures that take up wall space you would otherwise need to paint. Certainly, there is less to paint in a kitchen, which means you can do it in a day or spread it out over a weekend. You don’t even have to paint the entire kitchen to make a drastic change… a focal wall will do the trick… or if your backsplash shares space with the wall under the cabinet, paint a coordinating pop of color there.

2. Art Work and Collectibles: Feature art on the walls the way you would your living room or dining room. Create a fun arrangement of related photos or one singular statement piece. You can even go so far as to light it with a picture light. Often there is empty space above the cabinetry if your ceiling is high and cabinets don’t reach it. If you have precious little counter space, consider going up, above the cabinets and utilize that valuable real estate! Take your favorite cookbooks, serving platters or basket collection and arrange them to be seen and appreciated on top of your cabinets. If you need to access anything a little step stool can be easily stored till you need to look up that tasty recipe. Those large serving pieces, dip bowls and cake pedestals you only bring out for parties are notorious storage space hogs, but when arranged above your cabinetry at varying heights they will look like show pieces and more importantly, will save you cabinet space.

3. Clear out the Clutter: Instead of bringing items in to liven up your kitchen, think about editing. If there’s anything you don’t need laying around making you regret you even have it, consider giving it to charity. Cookbooks you don’t use, pots and pans that are tired and dented, the old toaster you inherited that shocks you ever time you plug it in… if you have items that are simply taking up room (and if you have a small kitchen, remember: that is some prime cooking space!) go ahead and let it go. Once it is gone, you really won’t miss it!

4. Use What You Have: If you have a dining set or eat-in kitchen table you wish you could replace but can’t, think of giving it a happy coat of paint – an inexpensive way to refresh old furniture. If your chairs are in need of sprucing up, there are lots of shops with inexpensive seat cushions to be had – try Ikea for brand new or thrift shops for gently used, cheap and charming… or sew your own using some fabric or old curtain panel you might have saved in a box somewhere. Think about the dishes you own… are some only brought out on special occasions to be seen once a year? If so, try using them for everyday… that is what will make them special again. 

5. Layering:  A kitchen needs layers, the same as any room in your home (and the same as any fashionista with her camisole, long-sleeve tee, oversized sweater and colorful scarf!) A rug underfoot will not only add a pop of color but will help those tired feet from getting too achy after a hard day of cookie-baking. Flor is a company which makes inexpensive carpet tiles, in tons of colors and styles, that are easy to install and easy to clean. You can make your own pattern or go with one of the many patterns they put together for you – it’s up to you and can be as little as $10 a tile! Also a great buy are the indoor/outdoor rugs available now in most home decor stores. These rugs wear well and are made to take a bit of abuse from the weather, which make them perfect for high traffic, messy kitchens. Another option are resale shops…  go thrifting and see what you can find. Small-scale handmade rugs are often the ones easiest to find in thrift shops, as most people are looking for area rugs for other rooms of the house… don’t forget to kindly ask if they might consider going lower on the price – it never hurts to ask!

From integrating bold color and new art work, to eliminating the clutter and using things you already have, following these tips will truly reinvent any kitchen.


About Kristi Witt: 

Educated in fine art and graphic design, Kristi started out running her own catering and event-planning business in Memphis for 15 years, satisfying clients with beautifully executed parties and delicious menus. In addition to catering, she has operated her own home staging business since 2005 and has experience as a realtor. It is this varied experience that allows her to give clients a unique combination of creativity, practicality and perspective. Kristi contributes to various publications and has appeared as guest designer and lifestyle contributor for popular local television programs such as Home with Lisa Quinn and View from the Bay. Kristi, a member of the San Francisco Design Center, networks with talented contractors, painters, electricians and other building professionals in the Bay Area. Kristi is a contractor for Sales & Design at Flor, SF.


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