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Unique Destinations for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Unique Destinations for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

By Lincoln McElwee

Perhaps more than any other celebrated “holiday,” Valentine’s Day draws a deep divide between many people. There are those who could care less about the day, such as my boss, who, happily married, places no value on a single “love” day as she believes that everyday should be Valentine’s Day. Then there are those who genuinely despise the day as nothing more than the commercialization of love, a way for big business to make a quick dollar off of people. And of course there are those blessed souls who absolutely adore the day, such as various co-workers of mine who dress up in pink and red while handing out candy and cards to staff members.

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, one of the great things to remember is that there are no set rules for celebrating it; the day is left to manifest itself in whatever way we choose to. I think that this single fact alone is worth giving Valentine’s Day its due!

Moreover, if there are no set rules for the day then we have all the freedom in the world to make Valentine’s Day an experience like none other. This experience often includes travel to a favorite or fancy restaurant, or even a trip away for a few days. 


As far as travel is concerned, when paired with a simple plan and a mindset for fun, a unique Valentine’s Day adventure – an adventure off the beaten path – is the perfect way to spend time together and reinforce the love and affection that the day is meant to inspire within us!


So without further ado, here are two unique ways to make this Valentine’s Day a fun and romantic success!

Take a Trip off the Beaten Path, Literally!

  • No one will deny that places like the Las Vegas strip are teeming with energy. And yes they are vibrantly situated in the thick of it all for couples that wish to be overwhelmed by sights, sounds and senses! However, one simple way of having your cake and eating it too is by booking your lodgings away from the major attractions of the city. To use Las Vegas as an example, The Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa ( has the honor of being awarded four diamonds; it is situated near the entrance to Red Rock Canyon National Recreation area. And though the prestigious resort is intimately located off of the Las Vegas strip, it is still only a short drive away from all the nightlife that Las Vegas offers. 

Keep Things Simple, Really Simple!

  • With all of the hype that Valentine’s Day has generated, perhaps the biggest industry to benefit is the food/restaurant industry. Instead of making reservations months in advance or waiting for hours for a table on Valentine’s Day, keep things simple! And nothing says ‘simple’ than an intimate dinner for two at home. Throw in a movie and dessert and you have a date night that smacks of nostalgia! I remember the Valentine’s Day I spent last year with my girlfriend. I traveled to my local supermarket and purchased heart-shaped steaks. We made a few side dishes and, with a great bottle of wine, had one of the best nights due to the fact that we kept is simple. We watched a movie and baked brownies for dessert. It was a trip down memory lane, and it was perfect, simply perfect!


So remember, at the end of the day the two most important things, you and your loved one, are what matter! Whatever you decide, make it unique and fun and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!