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Theme Park Smarts: Tips for Safety and Fun

Theme Park Smarts: Tips for Safety and Fun

*Take a virtual tour so you and the kids can decide where you want to go first. Remember, everyone should get to choose at least one attraction each day.

*Divide the group if you have great variety of ages, keeping in touch via cell phone or walkie-talkies.

*Make a time and place to meet if you split up-or get separated. Make sure the kids know to seek out someone in a uniform who is working should they get lost. Make sure they have the name, phone number and address of where you are staying as well as your cell phone numbers.

*Never force a child to ride an attraction if they are frightened-even if you’ve waited in line. Never tease a child about their fear. You can always return later-or next year. LEGOLAND Florida has developed tips for parents of first-time Coaster riders.

*Don’t fudge the height rules for young children. They’re in place for your child’s safety. Nor should a child ride an attraction he’s outgrown.

*Seat a younger child on the inside and make sure they keep their hands and feet inside at all times.

*Carry reusable water bottles and snacks so that you don’t have to wait in long lines when the kids are hungry. It will be cheaper, healthier and greener.

*Slather on sunscreen! Be prepared for changes in weather with jackets, rain gear and hats.  

*Leave when the kids-and you-have had enough, even if you haven’t seen everything or ridden every ride. There will always be another visit.

*Allow lots of down time at the hotel and in the pool. Remember, this is vacation!

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