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Relax with Travel and Treats

Relax with Travel and Treats

Omni Hotels & Resorts revive one of America’s Favorite Libations

By Lincoln McElwee

Even if you missed National Margarita Day this past Sunday (February 22, 2015), Omni Hotels has you covered with the return of its Classic Margarita menu, resurrected to celebrate good taste, good friends, and great times.

The menu includes updated versions of your favorite tequila-inspired adult beverages, as well as the basic libations you know and love. So if tequila, triple sec and lime—or a version thereof—is “A-OK” in your book, mosey on over to an Omni Hotel nearest you.

Guests and enthusiasts of this sacred tequila-based creation can choose from Omni’s comprehensive list which is divided into regions. Each region, in turn, is further divided into three separate sections, such as the “With or Without Salt” section that includes the following exciting margaritas:

The Elevated Margarita – this beautiful drink includes Avión Silver Tequila from Mexico’s Highlands, and has a bouquet of citrus, vanilla and pineapple. Cointreau is shaken with concoction to add further flavor.

Third Generation Margarita – with a bouquet of white pepper, oak and vanilla, the Sauza Tres Generaciones Reposado comes from the lowlands of Mexico. This tequila is shaken with agave nectar, lime and Cointreau to ensure a delicious taste.

Añejo on the Rocks – Patron Añejo—white pepper, vanilla and oak—combined with Grand Marnier, lime and agave nectar.

Smoky Margarita – Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, which has the smoky flavor of a single malt scotch, is shaken together with Grand Marnier.

Omni Hotels & Resorts are located across the country, making travel plans a breeze. So with selections that include smoky agave and top-shelf tequila to whet your palette, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and lick your lips—with or without salt, these mixes will make a great day even greater. But don’t just take my word for it: try one (or all) of them for yourself!

Still not convinced? As margaritas have become one of the most popular libations in America, Omni decided to conduct a poll. In a wellness and consumption survey that was conducted in 2015, half of travelers (52 percent) admitted enjoying adult beverages while traveling. This was due to the fact that a third of those polled (33 percent) were able to make use of expense accounts, while 20 percent enjoyed a drink (covertly) as they weren’t allowed to at home.

Given the response, travel and adult beverages seem to go hand in hand. In honor of National Margarita Day, then, be sure to do three things: enjoy yourself in moderation, as if every day was a holiday. Next, treat yourself to a bit of fun while you can—you’re amazing … you deserve it! And the third? Be sure and switch things up a bit. And a classic margarita menu from Omni Hotels is the perfect place to begin.

So if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate, or if, like Walt Whitman, you’re looking to celebrate yourself—even if you’re simply looking to celebrate the great Tequila—plan your next trip with a tasty beverage in mind. Give a basic margarita or its upgraded counterpart an appetizing chance at an Omni Hotels &Resort nearest you!

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