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Pennsylvania: Two Friendly Attractions for Hands-On Family Fun!

Pennsylvania: Two Friendly Attractions for Hands-On Family Fun!

By Lincoln McElwee

Did you know that the state of Pennsylvania, home to Gettysburg and the famous Liberty Bell and Hershey’s chocolate, is also home to a wonderful abundance of kid-friendly activities? It’s true! In fact, there are many cities in Pennsylvania that offer both attractions and lodgings where kids can indulge their curiosity with a bevy of hands-on fun!

So if you’re looking for a scenic road trip in the middle of the original thirteen colonies, or a getaway to occupy the idle hands of your inquisitive children, a place where hands-on fun is not only allowed but encouraged, be sure to tack on the following two destinations to your travel itinerary while on vacation in the great state of Pennsylvania!

A Colorful, Out-of-the-Box Experience!


Are you ready for an educational experience that is sure to captivate both children and adults alike? Well then head to the birthplace of Crayola crayons in the beautiful city of Easton. Located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, Easton is an hour or so away from both Philadelphia and New York City.

What’s more, Easton has the distinct pleasure of being home to the one-of-a-kind Crayola Factory, a hands-on museum showcasing the magic of Crayola crayons through art, technology and a plethora of hands-on creativity. With 21 separate attractions to engage with, guests can choose from making their own crayon with a personal label, interacting with a digital projection screen where the colorful animations created can actually come to life, building a custom marker, and even learning about Crayola crayons from the resident Crayonologist!

Redesigned in 2013 to ensure more thrills and more fun, the new Crayola Experience is sure to be the highlight of your family’s trip to Pennsylvania! And don’t worry: if your family’s not able to make it to family-friendly Pennsylvania, or if you simply want to experience the magic of Crayola crayons in a completely different setting, doors will soon be opening on an Orlando, Florida location as well!


The Crayola Experience:

Birds and Bats and Monsters, Oh My!


Want more educational fun for the family? You’ve got it, then! Visit SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment’s loveable Sesame Place, located in Langhorne, and prepare to be simply amazed!

Sesame Place offers families an assortment of friendly entertainment, from shows, parades, water fun, and a host of other hands-on attractions. See Elmo the Musical or join in on a Neighborhood Street Parade. Get soaked on Bert & Ernie’s Slip & Slide and then laugh until your sides split on Big Bird’s Rambling River.

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But that’s not all! With Cookie’s Monster Land now open, kids can also delve into the furry fun that the Cookie Monster has in store for them with exciting rides, a net-climb and a soft-play area for younger children. And to preserve your child’s memories at Cookie’s Monster Land, be sure to visit the interactive photo location before leaving!

Don’t want the fun to end so soon? Then book an overnight package and let the fun spill over to another memorable day:

With packages such as the “Play More, Wait Less,” “Build Your Own Package” and the limited-time only “Buy 2 Nights Get 1 Night Free” package, there’s sure to be an overnight package that fits the bill for your family. Keep in mind that to take advantage of the “Buy 2 Nights Get 1 Night Free” package, it must be booked by 9/1/14, while your family’s arrival date must be 10/26/14 or earlier.

With seasonal events and a calendar of back-to-back fun, be sure to visit Sesame Place’s website for its full-range of activities!

Sesame Place: