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Dealing with Travel in the Digital Age


There has never been more access to social media from a barrage of outlets as there is now. Whether a phone or netbook or notebook or mini-notebook or laptop or desktop, just to name a few, social media has made it almost impossible to go without some sort of device to connect to one another with. Though for many parents this may be a sign of the times or an indication that we are spending less time together face-to-face with our friends and family, it can also be a useful tool when it comes to traveling and travel ideas for capturing those moments of pure delight with your family. Read More »

Coping With Family-Travel Withdrawals


It’s inevitable: that undeniable moment when your family finally settles down from the family-travel vacation and boredom ensues. And this is not your typical boredom: it isn’t so much the lack of things to do as the fact that your current destination is not a resort or kid-friendly hotel with all the amenities in tow. Because of the glorious fact that your family had such a riveting kid-friendly vacation, the world now seems to most of your family members – if not all of them – a bit more ordinary. Read More »

Technology & Travel – Play It Safe While on the Road


Identity theft is a serious crime that does not discriminate, affecting both the young and old. Your identity can be stolen with as little as one important piece of information. All it takes is information such as a Social Security number, a driver’s license or a bank account statement to be accessed online by the wrong person for someone to become an identity theft victim. Identity theft protection product Experian’s ProtectMyID suggests you implement the following tips. Read More »