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Kids can eat healthier on vacation

Kids can eat healthier on vacation

Sure we all want to kick back and indulge a little on vacation, but that doesn’t need to mean a steady diet of fast food and rich desserts. Just ask The First Lady. Her Lets Move! Campaign is designed not only to fight childhood obesity but to encourage us all to eat healthier wherever we are.

Wherever you’re going this spring and summer, here are 10 ways to eat healthier along the way:

    1. BOOK a place with a kitchen-at least a mini fridge and microwave-so you don’t have to eat out for every meal (that’s no fun when kids are part of the equation!). Look for condo rentals from and You can find small apartments in cities too.
    2. PICNIC along the way. Pack a cooler for your road trip and encourage the kids to help choose the fixings. Take that cooler and picnic at the resort pool, the beach or wherever you find yourself on vacation too.
    3. SEEK OUT FARMER’S MARKETS like the one in The Ferry Building in San Francisco where the kids can talk to local farmers about what they grow.   At farmers markets, encourage the kids to try local produce that might be different than what they get at home. Who knew there were so many kinds of beans or apples!
    4. SEEK RESTAURANTS that serve food that has been grown locally.
    5. ASK FOR A HALF PORTION from the adult menu or order an appetizer rather than relying on typical kids’ fare like chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and burgers.
    6. VISIT ETHNIC EATERIES where kids are always welcomed and even finicky eaters will find something they like-sushi, noodles, quesadillas…
    7. ASK the concierge, the bell man, locals you meet for their favorite restaurant picks for their families.
    8. LIMIT DESERTS to one meal a day.
    9. KEEP HEALTHY SNACKS ON HAND -fresh and dried fruit, nuts, lower-fat granola bars.

Make eating part of the adventure. 

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