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Family Travel: Quality Time as a Realistic Resolution for the New Year

Family Travel: Quality Time as a Realistic Resolution for the New Year

By Lincoln McElwee

One of the first truisms that we learn from the very beginning of things is that history is in fact doomed to repeat itself. This concept is hammered into our conscious and subconscious time and again from grade school to the lackaday tasks of the adult workday. Every history book reminds us of this one concept that seems more like a universal law; every task that we forget to accomplish in our adult lives comes back to haunt us in some form or another as a reminder of this simple, yet seminal, fact.

And yet for some strange reason, for some major or minor flaw in our psyches, with all of the truck we have had with history, all of our past experience with remembering that history can and does in fact repeat itself, right at the beginning of every New Year we revert back to the seemingly well-intentioned process of making New Year resolutions. We resolve to complete a host of conceivably attainable tasks that, for the majority of us, will never manifest during the New Year – or even the next year for that matter. In actuality, our New Year’s resolutions end up morphing into a bucket list of items to be dealt with one day, at some other time.

What’s worse, when these resolutions don’t come to fruition, as they invariably never do, we beat ourselves up with guilt or make excuses, promising to do better the next time around.

To avoid the guilt and annoyance that often comes with realizing that a goal has already been compromised, abandoned altogether or never to be reached for reasons beyond our control, one realistic way of turning our resolutions for the New Year into action items that can actually be realized is to focus those resolutions on strengthening the quality time that we spend with our family and friends! 

This quality time, for example, can take the form of family travel, a pastime that has helped to bond families and friends together since time immemorial.


It sounds easy enough, right? It really does.

However, in this increasingly digital age where technology has made and continues to make it easier and more convenient to communicate – even globally – without even seeing each other face to face in a physical setting anymore, quality time has taken on a different meaning altogether.

And so it would be a wonderful resolution, then, to take a step back every now and then and put in the quality time of live, face-to-face social communication with a friend or loved one who happens to be there right in front of us, not chatting over the internet where we can still see their “virtual” faces, but with that friend or family member right there in front of us, a physical presence as opposed to a virtual one. Family travel will ensure that this quality time is indeed met by all members of the family. 


Yes, there are many road bumps to hinder this type of “old-fashioned” communication; simple and complex issues, such as busy work schedules, single parenting, friends and family in other states and overseas or even children and teenagers in our own homes who seem to never emerge from their rooms or abandon their computers except to eat and sleep, will always be a factor and have been sense before the internet made it so appealing to live virtual lives that are separate from our everyday lives.

Realistically speaking, however, a great resolution for the New Year would be to find the time to communicate with others sans technology, even if it is just for a few minutes a day. And one of the simplest ways to ensure that this resolution of spending more quality time with friends and loved is achieved is to include family travel as a part of your efforts to bond more with both family and friends! A road trip with friends or a short family vacation – a day trip or a weekend getaway – will go a long way in ensuring your quality-time resolutions are met!  

The great thing about travel is that the destination always changes and, with the right people, the journey can be just as great as – and at times better than – the destination itself!


Another benefit to family travel is the fact that your family will be creating unique and invaluable memories while traveling together. Every part of the journey holds the possibility for new adventures as well as finding out more fun facts about friends or loved ones. Also, all of the memories that are made on the trip will remain even after you have returned home and resumed your everyday tasks. You will have these wonderful memories to cherish with friends and loved ones for a lifetime, which is something that hardly manifests itself when making run-of-the-mill New Year resolutions.