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Enjoying the Beach with Sesame Street!

Enjoying the Beach with Sesame Street!

By Lincoln McElwee

Beaches Resorts by Sandals are making every kid’s (and some adults) dream come true by bringing the loveable characters of Sesame Street to the shore for you! As a proud sponsor of Beaches, the Caribbean family beach resort is ensuring that the colorful cast of characters is on site at their resorts to make every kid’s dream come true! Visit for additional information and what the entire program entails, but there is something for every child to take part in with Beaches Resorts Sesame Street fun!


As kids all around the world love the Sesame Street gang, this trip is something that your kids will surely remember for a long time! In addition to the regularly scheduled events with the crew, you can also participate in specific themed activities with the members of Sesame Street, such as the Super Science Fair with Super Grover, an age-appropriate journey through the wonders of the scientific process! This includes investigating sand treasures, bubble experiments and floating adventures with water. Another great thing about these themed adventures is that they include other members of the Sesame Street family as well!

One great activity that is both fun and educational is ‘From Trash to Treasure with Oscar the Grouch’!! This eco-friendly adventure allows children to find reusable material in Oscar’s ‘Trashland’ and creatively repurpose the material. It is a wonderful lesson in recycling and reusing resources, and kids will start this necessary process of understanding the environment from a young age!  


Parents can also upgrade many of these packages to include additional items for their luxury vacation:, such as night-time tuck-ins by favorite characters as well as photo ops, breakfasts with the characters and birthday parties! The prices vary depending on adult or child tickets, as well as the number of individuals involved in the party. Be sure to book ahead for optimal rates!

If your children happen to be a bit too old for Sesame Street, Beaches Resorts also has their famed Kids Camp! The resort has certified nannies, a program for infants that takes the smallest newborn up to 24 months old, a toddlers program, pre-teen program and teen’s program as well. There is also after-camp care and care for children with special needs.


The program for teens makes sure that the older children are not left out of the fun! There are tennis clinics, pool Olympics, boat cruises water sports, and karaoke. The pre-teen program shares many of the same activities while ensuring that they are protected from the sun with sun screen, beach hats, and the use of swimsuits and beach toys.

As far as the rest of the Sesame Street cast is concerned, children can have a variety of adventures with their favorite character. There is bird-watching with Big Bird where kids can view all of the colorful types of birds that live in the Caribbean, as well as becoming official “Birdketeers” with Big Bird by decorating their own headbands with feathers and learning a special dance!

Story Time with Elmo is a popular interactive experience where Elmo reads a story and then appears in person to the children to complete the experience. Bake with Cookie Monster is also an exciting adventure that is definitely not to be missed. Children can assist staff with baking cookies! Afterwards, the Cookie Monster will drop by to check on the work and sample a bit of the cookies just to make sure they’re up to scratch! There’s also a treasure discovery, a surprise tea time and game time with the Count! This trip definitely has something for every member of the family, so be sure to take advantage of all the fun!