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Best Snacks to Pack when Traveling

Best Snacks to Pack when Traveling

By Olivia Orzech

$5 for a snack bar at the airport? I don’t think so! These are some favorite snacks that both you and the kids can enjoy.

One of the biggest expenses on vacation is food, and trying to keep kids full while waiting in the airport can put the biggest dent in your wallet. On top of cost, kids need a lot of entertainment when they’re taken out of their normal routines. Below are a few favorites to stash in your purse to keep the kids, and yourself, full and energized throughout the trip!

1. Mamma Chia- Chia Squeeze Pouches

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I LOVE chia seeds! If you’re not familiar, chia is an herb that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and iron. All of these are super important for keeping you full and energized. One of my favorite snacks is their squeeze pouch, which comes in flavors like strawberry banana and and wild raspberry. Throw a few of these in a zip lock bag (they are liquid so TSA needs them to be sealed) and have them ready for a mess free snack after takeoff. Check out other Mamma Chia products, all of which are a big hit in my house!

2.  Emerald 100 Calorie Packs – Multiple Varieties

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These are such an easy snack to throw in your bag, and range in variety from cashews to natural unsalted almonds. If you and the kids like chocolate, check out their cocoa roast almonds, they provide a guilt free option for when you need a little dessert. Plus, almonds and other tree nuts are rich in vitamins and protein, which means you’ll all stay fuller a little bit longer.

3. Skinny Pop

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Skinny Pop is a great gluten free and low calorie option for both you and the kids. Popcorn is an awesome source of fiber and satisfies those salt cravings. They have them in smaller packs that you can divvy out when waiting for boarding.

4.  Frozen Grapes

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When it starts to get a little stuffy in the boarding area, I like to grab frozen gapes to help cool everyone down. Best practice is to get really firm grapes, as they’ll soften when they start to unfreeze. I grab them from the freezer right before we leave, and they tend to last about 5 hours. Just be sure to double bag them, as condensation will happen!

5.  Kind Granola Bars – Multiple Varieties

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Kind brand granola bars are awesome because they don’t use a ton of ingredients or add a lot of sugar. Some favorites are their Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chewy Bars and Apple Cinnamon & Pecan nut bars. These are really helpful for keeping everyone full and they don’t make a huge mess.

6. Sun-Maid Raisins

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Raisins provide an easy and satisfying snack for everyone, and you can add them to apples and peanut butter for a more substantial snack. Buy the ones in the small boxes and you’ll be golden! You can even pack them in the kids’ backpacks to save some space in your own bag.

7. JIF Peanut Butter To-Go and Stacy’s Multigrain Pita Chips


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If you know you’ll have a long layover, or if your family likes more hearty snacks, go for something more substantial like peanut butter and multigrain pita chips. The peanut butter is packed with protein and vitamins, while the multigrain pita chips provide fiber and iron. If you’re not a fan of pita, swap it for your favorite cracker, just try to choose whole grain to get the most health benefits out of it!

Some things to remember:

  • Avoid too much fresh fruit and vegetables; it’s hard to keep and you never know how much the kids will actually eat. Think of it this way: anything you wouldn’t leave out on the kitchen counter for more than 5 hours is something you shouldn’t bring.
  • Anything that produces a lot of crumbs or a huge mess is something to avoid.
  • Taking them out of routine can be a little stressful for the kids, so use this chance to treat them to something they don’t get to eat all of the time. You can also put stickers and bows on the packaging to make it feel more like a surprise or a present for those long landings and takeoffs.