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18 Creative Tips for Camping Like an Adult

18 Creative Tips for Camping Like an Adult

By Lincoln McElwee

This summer, hear the call of the wild and be ready! Make the most of your camping adventures with these fun and creative ideas!

1.  No pizza delivery in your neck of the woods? Repurpose your pie iron to create on-the-go pizzas while camping. To avoid mess, wrap the pie iron with foil, allowing toast, pizza and apple pie to taste exactly as they’re meant to.

2.  No space for a tackle box? Use a Tic Tac box instead.

3.  To be both one with nature and keep the mosquitoes away, add sage to the campfire. It will keep you safe and smelling nice.

4.  Nothing beats a warm s’more, right? Wrong! To truly see the stare, add a roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate to an Oreo. You don’t have to be a kid to love this messy goodness.

5.  Make your own stovetop popcorn out of aluminum foil and kernels. Get the direction here. If you’re not so adventurous, you can still have fun by watching the prepackaged stovetop popcorn dance and expand over the fire.

6.  Use paper bags to make delicious breakfasts. Eggs and bacon, anyone? Get the directions here:

7.  If you’re ever lost in the woods, put them to good use—use an acorn cap to whistle for help. Get the helpful instructions here:

8.  Toasted marshmallows are good, but marshmallows dipped in Bailey’s? Great! This food of the gods will keep you wanting its roasted goodness even when you aren’t camping.

9.  Jell-O shots might be a chapter of your life you’d like to forget, but flaming Jell-O marshmallow shots are something you will never forget! Simply fill a marshmallow with Jell-O mixture and dip it in rum. Get the recipe here:

10.  Bring all the seasonings you’d like without taking up space by filling straws with the mixture and then burning the ends with a lighter. The great thing is that you can reseal them to use later.

11.  Use stackable pill containers to both carry your condiments and seasonings and keep them organized. You can use a marker to label them.

12.  Looking for a savory s’more? Try this on for size! Stuff a mushroom with blue cheese and wrap it in bacon. That’s right—blue cheese filled bacon-wrapped mushroom s’mores. You have to try it to believe it. Get the recipe here:

13.  Have any old mint tins lying around? Use them as emergency supply containers for toilet paper, a lighter or pocket knife. If you’re ever lost in the woods or away from the bathroom, you’ll be glad you did.

14.  Need your egg fix while camping? A 16-ounce plastic water bottle can effectively carry 8-9 large eggs. By scrambling them beforehand, you can transport them easily and avoid an unwanted mess.

15.  Forget what you learned about making fires while in the Scouts? No problem! Corn chips, such as Fritos, can make for a wonderful kindling substitute when building a fire.

16.  Need a little light? Make a lantern with a tuna can and a small candle. The foil will help to illuminate the light.

17.  Tired of lugging around tubes of toothpaste? Well now you don’t have to. Squeeze toothpaste into small dots on a paper plate. Let it sit for 2-3 days, then sprinkle with baking soda. Place the toothpaste dots into a re-sealable bag and you now have portable toothpaste without the fuss of a messy tube.

18.  Use a mason jar to make an amazing sangria concentrate worthy of your camping trip. It’s so good, however, you might want to make it anytime. Get the recipe here: