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Is it Time to Ditch Your Day Job?

Is it Time to Ditch Your Day Job?


For over 20 years I lived the life of a corporate employee.  I walked the company line and did what I was told.  I was hard working and was rewarded with a company car and yes, more responsibility.  Life was good, or was it? 

Along the way, I realized that I had a career yet my life as a mom and a wife were suffering.  I started to feel the important things like attending my son’s tennis matches, being around for my dad who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and just having the chance to be a “mom” were being replaced with work meetings and after hour conference calls.  Time with my husband also began to suffer as our “unwind” time in the evening was him listening to me talk on the phone to overseas suppliers.  Yes, my normal workday continued into the evening as our day grew to a close but another day around the world was just starting.

The final straw occurred when my new boss who worked in China had this expectation that “we all” start work Monday morning.  Well that might be fine for him, but Monday morning for him was Sunday evening for me because of the time change. So now my weekends were being chipped away with work responsibilities.

After considerable soul searching I submitted my resignation and began my search for more balance and a chance to do something I really enjoyed. Well, I’ve always been creative.  I love home decorating, especially creating tablescapes to match the seasons.  I also enjoy sewing and love craft projects.  So when I found a business for sale that allowed me to use my creative talents, I was sold.  The business is called Lil’ Baby Cakes.  And the rest, as they say is history.

At Lil’ Baby Cakes we take stacks of diapers and arrange them to look like a traditional tiered cake.  The “cake” is decorated with ribbons, bows, and baby goodies to match a popular baby theme.  The finished result is a baby diaper cake.   Baby gift buyers purchase our diaper cakes to send as a welcome home baby gift or to use as a baby shower centerpiece. 

I’ve now found a niche that allows me to use my creativity on a daily basis.  I also have the flexibility in my schedule to be the mom and wife I’ve always wanted to be.  Is everything perfect?  Nope.  Running a small business is a tremendously hard work.  It can be tiring and exhausting at times.  So what’s the difference between my corporate job and Lil’ Baby Cakes?  Instead of overseas conference calls, now I speak to customers and clients throughout the US who enjoy sending our unique baby gifts.  My reward is hearing my creations are making a new mom smile. I’m also doing something I truly enjoy and along the way have found doing work you love doesn’t feel like work at all.  I’m driven to succeed because my business fits my natural talents.  What a concept.  Too bad it took me 20 years to figure it all out.


Candy Budyta is the owner and creative director of Lil’ Baby Cakes based in Grand Blanc, MI.  Her diaper cake creations are available online for shipment worldwide.  She’s also the mother of 4 in a blended family and enjoys reading, traveling, and home decorating projects.