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Decorating Your Home for Fall on a Budget

Decorating Your Home for Fall on a Budget

By Dana DeMercurio

Bikinis are all 70% off, beach towels have been replaced with oversized fleece blankets, and sunscreen has been returned to its bunker on the bottom shelf of the beauty aisle. It’s official – stores have begun packing away summer and gearing up for what’s next.

While many mothers mourn the end of summer with the return of morning drop-offs at school, it’s time once again to embrace the dawn of a new season that’s fast approaching (40 days to be exact, but who’s counting?!) by oohing and aweing at the latest seasonal décor that’s eager to fill your home with festive cheer.

If these past few months of summer left your wallet a bit barer than you’d like to admit, then follow our tips on how to decorate for fall on a budget.

Backyard Floral Arrangements: Festive floral and foliage arrangements don’t need to be crafted by a professional. Step into your own back/front yard and imagine the endless (and did we mention free) possibilities with colorful leaves and twigs, late-blooming flowers, pinecones or even foliage from your home vegetable garden.


Turning Tablescapes: Let’s be honest – holiday meals with extended family can be a pain. Don’t suffer through another family meal sitting next to your drunk uncle or moody teenage daughter who won’t put down her cell. Instead, take the extra time to create easy place cards for your guests. Simple scout out some large fall leaves, pick up a can of gold spray paint (optional) and a permanent pen and write your guests names on the leaves once you’ve washed and dried them. There’s nothing simpler than this budget-friendly addition to your tablescape this fall.

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Apple Votives: Fill your home with the warm seasonal scent of apple crisp with these super-easy DIY apple votive candle holders. Invest in a bag of apples (preferably multicolored varietals such as fuji) and a bag of scented votive candles, both of which can likely be found at your local supermarket. Simple cut a votive-shaped hole into the apple’s topside, and insert a votive. For added beauty, float the new apple votive in a bowl of chestnuts or other festive arrangement.


Fill Jars and Vases: If you’re like me, you’ve got a rather embarrassing collection of empty glass containers currently collecting dust in the cupboard. Dust those babies off and start filling them with your fall finds. Pinecones, cinnamon sticks, acorns and even faux fruit make stunning centerpieces and home accents on a dime.