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I love being a woman. It is so fabulous being able to be a mom, wife, friend, career woman, entrepreneur, and more, all with the essence of femininity. I think it is an empowering, fun and exciting life. Your perspective is the key to get to the place where you feel this way too. I like to use the acronym and word, “FLOW”, as a regular reminder that flowing with life is the ideal way to live and balance all of the roles we are involved in.

            The F stands for focused. It is important to live a focused life, focusing on what we want, and not on what it is we do not want or need. We can stay focused on what is important, meaningful and special, goals, our family, our daily lives, and especially self care such as exercise, eating right, dressing nice and looking our best. By flowing through life with focus, we can achieve more, but we do not obsess about every little thing. If we make a mistake or miss a work out, we forgive ourselves and keep moving forward.

            The L stands for LOVE and LET GO. It is amazing to live from your heart with love, kindness, inspiration for others and yourself, and grace. Let yourself live this way and feel the uplifting energy it brings you. At the same time, learn to let go. Do not get too attached to how you think things should be, how others are supposed to act, or what was not said. See the good.

            The O stands for OPTIMISTIC. Living with optimism is seeing the light versus the dark in each person, situation and place. How can you contribute your smile, enthusiasm and positivity daily? Be open to seeing the good in others. It can be challenging at times, but it is so worth it.

            The W stands for the WONDERS of the WORLD. Appreciate nature, beauty and yourself. See the small things in life such as your child’s laugh, that hug from your best friend, the birds singing on your roof, and the tall trees around your neighborhood as the miracles that they are.

Remembering this will help you to stay in the flow of life with ease and joy, and make you a better mom, friend, business woman and overall person. It also makes you feel uplifted daily. Go ahead and try it!

Kim Somers Egelsee is an inspirational speaker, life coach, author and columnist. She specializes in helping people get every area of their lives to a “ten plus”, exude confidence and discover their life’s purpose. Kim is the founder of Willow Tree Women’s Circle L.A. and O.C. and three Mastermind Groups, writes for several newspapers, has a CD out now, and 2 books coming out at the end of 2012.