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Girl Time!

Girl Time!

Feel like your constantly talking in “baby”? Do your clothes have spit-up or this mornings breakfast on them? Sounds like you need some time with the girlfriends! Check out the ideas below for a fun time with, yep, other adults!

Swap Shopping

Do you have shoes, clothes, books or home decor you want to get rid of? Consider doing some swapping with your girlfriends. Everyone brings a few things they want to part with and you can “shop” each other’s stuff. This is a great idea for anyone on a tight budget. Don’t forget to each bring an inexpensive bottle of wine to celebrate your new finds!

Have a Spa Night

Does a night of relaxation and pampering sound like a good time to you? Light some candles and invite your BFF’s over for a night of homemade beauty treatments. Check out our site for a few great recipes. Want to get out of the house? Check with your local spas to see if they offer a friends package of some sort.

Try Something New

Have all your girlfriends write down one thing they have never done that they would love to do and try it as a group. Maybe you want to learn to rollerblade, take French lessons, sing karaoke, visit a winery or go skydiving. Something new is always more fun when you have a friend sharing the experience.

Get your Culture On

Many cities offer plenty of cultural activities and chances are you may not even know they are available. Check with your local chamber of commerce, the city paper, the internet or your local performing arts center to see what you’re missing out on. Take your friends and experience it together. Some great ideas include: theatre, a book signing, art museum, the ballet, open mic nights or a symphony.

Plan a Girlfriends Getaway

Leave the kiddos with the hubby for the weekend (or a sitter if you’re thinking… “that’s not happening”) and head to the beach or stay in a B&B tucked away in the mountains. Time bonding with friends will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take the mommy duties on full force when you return.

Bonfire with the BFF’s

Get your girlfriends, get your drink and get situated around a nice warm fire on a cool spring evening! Ok, if the boys are drawn to this idea (and they might be… most boys love fire) and you don’t mind them hanging out too, invite them to join you… sit a bbq grill nearby and let them do the cooking while you and the girls catch up on all the latest gossip!