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10 Life Hacks Every Mom Should Know

10 Life Hacks Every Mom Should Know

By Dana DeMercurio

Make life easy with our list of top 10 life hacks every mom should know and use.

1.  Faulty Zippers: Zipper won’t stay up? Here’s a quick fix: try spritzing it with hairspray after every wash. If the zipper is stuck, try rubbing a bar of soap, a candle or some paraffin paper over the metal teeth.

2.  Blood Stains: Bloody noses and cuts and scrapes seem to be synonymous with childhood. If blood transfers onto clothes, sheets or any other fabrics, simply squirt some shampoo on a wet washcloth and rub it out.

3.  Deodorant Stains: There are several ways to remove embarrassing white streaks from deodorant on your clothes, but here are the two easiest ways:

  • Fabric Dryer Sheet – rub in a circular motion on marked area until streak disappears
  • Socks – turn a clean sock inside out and rub in a circular motion on marked area until streak disappears

4.  Sticky Situations: Don’t freak out when your kid gets gum stuck in his/her hair. Instead, grab an ice cube to harden the gum, making it easier to remove or rub peanut butter over the gum and comb out with a fine tooth comb.

5.  Bath Time: Put baby in a laundry basket in the tub along with his/her favorite bath toys so everything is within reach.

6.  Forget Fuzzies: Have a sweater you can’t wear because of too much fuzz? Invest in a $3 pumice stone and gentle sweep over such areas.

7.  Bugs Be Gone: Keep babies safe from mosquito and bug bites by placing a crib sheet over playpens when spending time outdoors.

8.  Cabinet Locks: Forget to invest in child safety locks for reachable cabinets? Not to worry, slip cookie cutters over them in the meantime.

9.  Squirt Bottles: Make breakfast fun by using a traditional mustard or ketchup squirt bottle filled with pancake batter to create fun shapes and words.

10.  An Apple a Day: If you pre-slice an apple for your kid’s lunch, keep the pieces from turning brown by wrapping a rubber band around the whole fruit until it’s time to eat.