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Use your senses to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

Use your senses to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

By Melanie K Nelson


Your bedroom should be a place of ultimate relaxation, but with life as a busy mom, that isn’t always the case. It’s not always practical to do a complete remodel of your room just to make it more relaxing, but if you step back and think about each of your five senses, you can find small changes that can make a big difference.


Sight is possibly the most important sense to consider when creating a relaxing environment because it is often the most overwhelming sense.  Since it is such an important one, I am going to break it up into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Beginner Tip: If you don’t want to invest a lot of money into this project, no worries! One of the biggest things that you can do to create a more welcoming and relaxing environment is completely free; organize. It is nearly impossible to relax when you are surrounded by clutter. If a total reorganization seems overwhelming, break it in to reasonable sized tasks and tackle this project over several days.  This may not be the most tip fun but trust me, it will make a huge difference!

Intermediate Tip: If you are looking to make a bigger change, start thinking about color! Studies have proven time and time again that color plays a serious role in your mood. There are two main schools of thought for selecting colors for rooms. The traditional route is to focus on soothing, cool colors like blue and purple for your bedroom. Your other option is to pick colors that really make you happy. If you hate the “cool” colors but green is the color that make you happiest, you will be a much happier person in a green room than you will ever be in a purple room. However you select the right color for you, bring that color in with a coat of paint, a new throw blankets or even just some fun candles!

Advanced Tip: I decided to make this tip the advanced tip because it could require a new piece of furniture or, even more major, a change in behavior. GET RID OF TV. I know some of you might be staring at your computers, shocked that I would ever write such a thing, but hear me out! We are constantly surrounded by our TVs, computers, phones, tablets and every other screen that we possible can. There is something to be said for having one room in your house that isn’t “plugged-in” 24/7. A room where you can relax with a book or even just your thoughts. If the thought of no TV at all in the bedroom is too drastic, try putting it somewhere where it can be completely covered up, like in a hutch or cabinet. Just having the ability to make all of the screens disappear can do wonders on the atmosphere of the room!



An easy way to create a more peaceful environment is through sound. There are whole CDs, apps and websites dedicated to relaxing sounds. You will be amazed at the difference soothing sounds can have on your ability to fall asleep quickly, relax more fully, or meditate more deeply. My favorite way to fall asleep is listening to raindrops fall, but now I get to listen to it regardless of the weather!



The key to making your tough sense tingle is different for every woman. Think of what texture makes you happiest, is it silk? Faux fur? Flannel? Whatever the texture, try to incorporate that in as many places as possible; bed sheets, blankets, pillows and even pajamas! Looking for a different way to incorporate touch? You can’t go wrong with some massage oils!



For me, there is no better scent than warm notes of vanilla. I have vanilla candles, lotions and perfume! Figure out the smell that makes you most relaxed and run with it. If you need a starting place try lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, or jasmine, as they are all known for being calming. Investing in an essential oil diffuser is great way to make sure that your favorite sent surrounds you from the moment you walk into your room!



Finally, how do you incorporate taste into your bedroom sanctuary? There is something to be said for a well-stocked bowl of dark chocolate! 


So remember, if you tune in to all five of your senses you can create a bedroom sanctuary in no time!