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Stocking Stuffers for Men on the Naughty List

Stocking Stuffers for Men on the Naughty List

By Dana DeMercurio

Stumped on what to get your man this Christmas? Boy do we have the ultimate shopping guide for you.  Ditch your standard stocking stuffers this year and give your man what he really wants: you!  But beware, as these gifts are by no means meant to be opened with the kids or in-laws around.  Otherwise things could get awkward. Like, really awkward.

Take the classic game of Truth or Dare to a whole new level with this racy edition that’s perfect for the bedroom.  With 50 pick-a-sticks each including one sexy truth and one dirty dare, you can expect for things to get pretty heated! After a few rounds, don’t be surprised if this game becomes your new guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure.  Remember to play responsibly!


If there is one item that needs to be in every couple’s nightstand, it’s lube. But I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that. Stock up this Christmas, because you never know what those snow days stuck in the house can bring, and it’s best to be prepared.



Is there anything sexier than seeing your man reading a book?  How about your man reading a detailed guidebook on how to satisfy you in the bedroom? Can’t think of anything?  Yeah, neither can we. Give the gift that keeps on giving, with titles like She Comes First and Kama Sutra: A Position a Day 365 Days a Year. Get back to us in a year and let us know how it’s coming (pun intended).

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Eye masks and whips and handcuffs, oh my! Go 50 Shades of Gray on your man this Christmas with a fun and sexy intro to S&M.  Worried it might be too much? Here’s a helpful hint: tickle him with the whip (no harsh lashes), handcuff only one hand (let’s see how creative he can get), and really sharpen his senses with a playful eye mask.  There’s nothing like a little tantric foreplay, so let the games begin!


Sex games never get old, and for under $6, you can’t go wrong with Spicy Dice.  This is definitely a game to be played while the kids are away, since 1 of the 3 dice tells you where you will be “nibbling” your partner’s “nipples.”  You might end up in the car, in the backyard or on the couch.  Sex outside the box has never been more fun.


Lingerie is great and all, but we’ve got something a bit more seductive.  Bare (almost) all wearing just a pair of sexy nipple covers and your birthday suit.  If you’ve got a few burlesque moves up your sleeve, this would be the time to show ‘em off.  Shake what your momma gave you, girl.


If your foreplay takes place on flannel sheets, it’s time for an upgrade.  If you really want to set the mood in the boudoir, silk or satin sheets are the way to go.  It’s the perfect reminder that sex isn’t just about the orgasm, but also the romance and love between partners.


In light of recent movies like “Sex Tape” with Cameron Diaz, it’s undeniable that one of the sexiest toys for the bedroom isn’t a toy at all.  Head over to the nearest electronics store and buy yourself the most erotic technology out there: a video camera.  Nothing says “I’m ready to show you all I’ve got” like having your every move recorded and at your disposal for later inspiration or critique.  Just be careful not to make the foolish mistake of syncing it with every device in your household.  This footage is definitely not G rated. Just make sure you don’t send it to the “Cloud”! Feeling bold? Try a Go-Pro in High Definition.