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From Seduction Experts:  Keeping it Hot in the Bedroom this Summer

From Seduction Experts: Keeping it Hot in the Bedroom this Summer


Summer’s here and school’s out. What’s that mean for you? Busy, busy, busy with the kids—pool parties and barbecues, beach days and family vacations. Finding time to be intimate can be difficult. But it can happen. This summer, take a moment to remind your man you haven’t forgotten about him. We asked three exotic dancers from the documentary STRIPPED to share their secrets with other moms about how they keep things steamy in the bedroom during the busy days of summer.

According to Angel, “Be spontaneous and don’t be afraid to try something new. Be confident and tease him. Make sure you’re wearing something that’s comfortable for you, but that also makes you feel sexy. Direct eye contact shows you’re in control.” Additionally, Angel says, “Consider adding things for fun—such as handcuffs, or even wearing a tie. And touch yourself, like your breasts.” What is Angel’s favorite seductive move? “Doing a hand stand and resting my thighs on his shoulders, then shaking my butt and legs. He loves to be teased!”

From Chanel, “I think the most seductive move is to sit on his lap, with your back to him. Move slow and sexy, like you’re dancing to music in a club. Turn and look at him and remove your bra with one hand, then lean back. Toss one arm around his neck and kiss it gently, all the while still moving your butt against his lap. This move always gets him!”

For Emilie, there’s just one move that drives her man nuts. “I slide my breasts all the way down his body, and then I look up at him. He loves it!”

The exotic dancers in STRIPPED all live and work in various small cities throughout Montana. The documentary follows their lives—both at work and at home—with the goal of raising awareness to hopefully prevent the unfair prejudices toward these women, many of them working mothers.

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