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From coaching the stars to coaching you:


You may know her as the talented, and insanely fit, dancer on Dancing with the Stars, or as a judge on Dancing with the Stars Australia, but what you may not know is that Kym Johnson is your new best friend to help you get into shape! She recently came out with her 5678 fitness program which includes exercise videos and a book that are designed to help keep you on track throughout your fitness journey. Read More »

The Truth about Toxic Shock Syndrome


Toxic shock syndrome doesn’t often make the press, so when California model Lauren Wasser divulged in a Vice article a few months ago that she lost her leg in 2012 due to TSS, it caught international attention and raised thousands of questions about tampon awareness and safety. As for consumers, we suspect that vaginas around the world clammed up in shock and horror at the thought of losing a leg to this syndrome (isn’t having a period rough enough?). Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Switching to Menstrual Cups

Woman with menstrual pains

We are all familiar with the functionality of a cup. You know, the kind you drink your green juice from. But not every woman is familiar with the kind that gets inserted and acts as a catch-all during that time of the month. On that note, here are some pros and cons of using menstrual cups as part of your monthly feminine hygiene routine. Read More »

Fenugreek: The “New” Ancient Seed


If there were a natural herb to enhance your feminine allure, would you pursue it? An ancient seed, commonly used medicinally in Mediterranean regions of the world, holds many components that have been proven to escalate women’s health and beauty. Fenugreek, originally grown in Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Asia, has now spread to the U.S. due to it’s history of euphoric affects on the human body. Read More »

Healthy Habits for Living Longer


Old age is inevitable. All of us will discover one day that our bodies no longer move like they used to, and our health problems seem to increase. The new good news is that there are things we can do to live longer and take care of ourselves now, no matter what age we are. Incorporating healthy habits into our lifestyle can make the aging process easier and maybe even prolong life. Read More »