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Southern Summer Fun!


Families in the South wanting to feel far far away, but not drive for that long, should head over to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for some Southern summer fun. Miles of pristine coastline located right in the heart of South Carolina’s “Grand Strand,” Myrtle Beach is home to a mere 30,000 people but draws a rumored 13 million in tourists annually. Read More »

Crazy Risks with Car Seats


We’re never so reckless at home: never allowing more people than seatbelts, always fastened, luggage stored correctly, respecting the laws of the road. Why do humans so easily excuse ourselves, ignore common sense, justify our actions and take ridiculous risks? Read More »

Linger Longer with Relaxing Deals from Omni Hotels & Resorts


By Lincoln McElwee No matter how hard you might try to deny it, the fact is that fall is creeping around the corner, little by little! So if you’ve caught yourself silently counting down the days or even dreading summer’s ending in a big way—maybe back-to-school shopping has your blood pressure already boiling—take heart! There is a solution to your ... Read More »

Gorgeous Views to Visit Before…Well, Just Because You Can!


There are many listsicles out there dedicated to countless must-see places and things to do before kicking the proverbial bucket. That being said, and though the end is certainly unavoidable, why not just make plans to visit a few of these places as a way of seeing new things, of walking a new path or the same one but in a different light? Why not visit with a sense of new beginnings rather than the overwhelming sense of any end. Read More »