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Tips for Having Two Under Two


Granted, it was a very short time that my oldest child was still one, however, he barely spoke, was still in diapers and was attached at my hip. So adding a new baby was not the easiest transition. While I still can’t promise they’ll be best friends for life, here are some tricks that worked as we eased our second baby into our daily lives. If you find yourself in the same situation, I hope they’ll work for you. Read More »

5 Tips to Potty Train Your Child


For most parents, potty training is a daunting task (whether it’s kid #1 or #7, like me). We stress, bribe, beg and pray it goes quick and easy. But the fact of the matter is it’s different for each child and there’s not one prescription for perfect potty training. There are, however, tried and true tips that you can put into action to help the process along. Here are a few tips that have worked great for our family. Read More »

Tackling the Terrible Twos


For those parents who have yet to experience the terrible twos, here is a quick glance at your (possible) future: your toddler has reached that delicate stage in life where the only word in their vocabulary seems to be “no,” and the only form of emotional expression involves blood-curdling screams and the ever-frequent temper tantrums that usually get you a few scornful looks in public places. Read More »

Outdoor Playtime with Toddlers


Spring has sprung and everyone is itching to get outside and have some fun. If you have toddlers at home sometimes you have to be a little bit creative to ensure your children enjoy playing outside and exploring the outdoors. I’ve compiled a list of fun, toddler-friendly activities you can enjoy with your child this spring, summer and beyond! Read More »

5 Tips to Teach Toddlers to Share


As babies grow into toddlerhood they pass through many developmental milestones. Learning to share is one of them. Sharing, just like everything else up to this point, is a practiced skill. Kids aren’t intentionally being selfish when they don’t want to share, they are simply acting their age developmentally. So, don’t be embarrassed when your two year old grabs a toy and shouts “MINE”, simply turn it into a teachable moment. Read More »