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Streamline Your Summer Wardrobe the Parisian Way


When you’re a busy mom taking care of everyone else, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of your own stuff, namely a disorganized and overstuffed closet. But thanks to the genius concept of the ten-item wardrobe, you won’t have to struggle in search of the perfect outfit ever again. Read More »

Kaftan Summer


Ladies, stop us if this starts to sound familiar: you began the New Year with goals and ambitions that revolved around losing those pesky extra pounds, and for a few weeks you were really on track. But it’s now the end of June and those bikinis and cut off shorts you’ve had your eye on are just a pipe dream. Yeah, we get that. But don’t settle for anything less than sexy this summer. If you aren’t in the best of shape, haven’t yet reached your desired goal weight, or simply want an elegant and relaxed look, there’s always a solution, and it’s called a kaftan. Read More »