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5 Essential Skincare Tips for Baby


When it comes to parenting, there’s no one-child-fits-all handbook. There are times when caring for a little one can be a far cry from the snuggles and smiles that make it all worthwhile. Healthy skin is critical to a baby’s long-term health and happiness, and it can impact both baby and family quality of life. Caring for a baby’s skin ... Read More »

Beauty Flash! Dr. Amy Wechsler Weighs In on Cool Cucumber: Skin’s Best Friend


Looking for an added daily defense against sun and free radicals? Want to treat puffy eyes? Hoping to soothe visible redness or irritation? These skin issues are not uncommon, but according to renowned New York City dermatologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Amy Wechsler, the solution for all may be as close as your kitchen! “Cucumbers are not only low in calories, but are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can feed your complexion inside and out,” Dr. Wechsler says. Read More »

How to Steam Clean Your Face


The holidays are officially over which means the inevitable self-deprecation and guilt tripping may now commence. Perhaps you’ve over-indulged with decadent holiday desserts, or maybe you’ve treated yourself to a few too many cocktails (heavy on the booze, light on the mixers). Regardless of whichever way you put a dent in your digestive tract and major internal organs this December, remember that what goes in must come out. Read More »

Wrinkle-busting skin care tips for boomer women


Time brings plenty of changes, yet the desire to have healthy, good-looking skin transcends age. While some skin-care tactics – sunscreen and moisturizing – apply to skin of any age, baby boomers need to update their skin care and makeup strategies to ensure their skin stays healthy and youthful-looking as long as possible. Read More »

Legends of the Fall


Dr. Amy Wechsler Debunks Common Seasonal Skincare Myths As the temperatures shift and leaves start to change, women everywhere prepare to usher in autumn. With the new season also comes a revamped beauty routine, but how much of what we change is really necessary? Enter Dr. Amy Wechsler, renowned dermatologist and psychiatrist specializing in the mind-beauty connection, who helps to ... Read More »

Bad Skin Habits


By Ilaria Jones Your quest to healthy, glowing skin does not just happen overnight, but many of our worst skin habits do. Some of us have “bad skin habits” that make our journey to perfect skin longer and harder. Luckily, some minor changes can have your face looking flawless in no time, just in time for summer.  Bad Habit #1: ... Read More »

The Next Step for Tired Eyes


Occasionally we look in the mirror and don’t recognize the eyes staring back at us. It is unavoidable that as we age our eyes are often the first things to reflect that. Sometimes even after the wrinkle creams and layers of the latest and greatest make up we still aren’t experiencing the results that we want. Although one option is to embrace each line for the life experience that it represents, for some people that is easier said than done. If you find yourself too busy worrying about your tired eyes to enjoy life or are hiding behind sunglasses at all times, you do have some other options. AKA Mom sat down with Dr. Mark A. Clymer to discuss some of them. Read More »