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Tips for Having Two Under Two


Granted, it was a very short time that my oldest child was still one, however, he barely spoke, was still in diapers and was attached at my hip. So adding a new baby was not the easiest transition. While I still can’t promise they’ll be best friends for life, here are some tricks that worked as we eased our second baby into our daily lives. If you find yourself in the same situation, I hope they’ll work for you. Read More »

Tips to Handle Sibling Squabbles

Children swear

As difficult as it is as a parent to listen to your kids squabble, it is a necessary learning tool. When kids interact with parents and other adults, they learn about authority and respect. When they interact with their siblings they are honing skills that will help them resolve conflicts, deal with differing opinions, compromise and negotiate as well as learning how to empathize. This stage will pass and they will eventually become better friends and help protect each other. Read More »