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Easy Ways to Find Your Pregnancy Groove


Pregnancy is an epic time in a woman’s life—especially with a first pregnancy. With all the advice and recommendations from well-meaning friends and family, remember this is your pregnancy and it will be unique to who you are. Don’t get caught up in comparing your experience to those of your friends. Though pregnancy can be difficult at times and you may not always be feeling your best, find ways to enjoy this special time and prepare for your sweet baby. Here are a few tips to help you find your groove and enjoy your pregnancy. Read More »



Making a checklis for your rushed hospital visit is essential to have everything you need for that special day.  Below is a list that will help you plan ahead so that you’re not missing the must haves for your special delivery! 1. Ipod, MP3 or CD Player. Music or relaxation tapes can help you relax and distract you from the noises of ... Read More »

Is it a Boy or a Girl? Gender Prediction


Chances are one of the first questions that came to mind when you found out you were pregnant was “I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl?” Believe it or not there are a few supposed and a couple sure-fire ways to learn this info before baby is actually born. So, if you’re stuck on whether to buy pink ... Read More »