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Daddy 101 with Ian Ziering

Daddyscrubs Ambassador Ian Ziering Named Daddy Of The Year

From the set of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, to shaking his groove thing on Season 4 of Dancing With The Stars and baring it all on a Chippendales stage, it goes without saying that Ian Ziering has lived quite the exciting life. We recently chatted with Ian about his busy schedule, his role as a father and husband, and what it’s like being named ‘Daddy of the Year’ by one of his favorite brands, DaddyScrubs. Read More »

Time Spent with Kids Eliminates Guilt


Parenting is all about balance, and it can be quite difficult to feel as if you’re giving your children enough attention while also trying to balance work, life and good relationships. It’s all about finding the right balance and eliminating the dreaded feeling of guilt in relation to parenting. Remember: If you’re doing your very best, you’re doing it right. Read More »