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Top 5 Acne Myths and Truths


The array of misinformation floating around about acne is astounding. From how eating greasy foods will lead to breakouts to home remedies and old wives’ tales, when pimples start popping up, so does the advice. But how do you separate fact from fiction? Read More »

The Next Step for Tired Eyes


Occasionally we look in the mirror and don’t recognize the eyes staring back at us. It is unavoidable that as we age our eyes are often the first things to reflect that. Sometimes even after the wrinkle creams and layers of the latest and greatest make up we still aren’t experiencing the results that we want. Although one option is to embrace each line for the life experience that it represents, for some people that is easier said than done. If you find yourself too busy worrying about your tired eyes to enjoy life or are hiding behind sunglasses at all times, you do have some other options. AKA Mom sat down with Dr. Mark A. Clymer to discuss some of them. Read More »