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5 Tips to Teach Toddlers to Share


As babies grow into toddlerhood they pass through many developmental milestones. Learning to share is one of them. Sharing, just like everything else up to this point, is a practiced skill. Kids aren’t intentionally being selfish when they don’t want to share, they are simply acting their age developmentally. So, don’t be embarrassed when your two year old grabs a toy and shouts “MINE”, simply turn it into a teachable moment. Read More »

7 Strategies for Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down


"It's inevitable that at one time or another life will punch us hard in the gut; no one is immune to experiencing tragedy or failure," Anderson says. "But when it's our turn to feel life's stomach blow, how will we handle it? Will we 'go the extra mile' and passionately keep on living, or will we just give up and go through the motions?" Read More »



So many of us take life way too seriously. Life needs to be embraced, lived to the fullest, celebrated, and honored. Therefore, it is important to just let go, act silly, show and give love, do the things that you loved as a child such as building a sand castle, coloring, doing a cartwheel. I give you permission to embrace your inner child. Read More »

The Life You Live vs. the Life You Want to Live

Becky Weidow

How to Finally Achieve What You Really Want Take a break for a few minutes from whatever you were doing before reading this article. Clear your mind of errands to run, projects to complete, racing thoughts of all kinds. And think for a moment about your life and these two words: Certainty Uncertainty  These two premises, one being an outcome ... Read More »