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Getting your child involved in Fitness


There is a struggle between two worlds at the moment, the constant theme of fitness and the bombardment of technology that keeps us sedentary. This is especially true for kids, they are always on top of the latest trend, whether it be a new app such as Snapchat or a new game for Xbox. So, how do you get your kids involved in fitness and more importantly how do you motivate them to put the game system or phone aside? Read More »

Health Food or Junk Food? The Truth about Juice


If you were to open an American child’s lunchbox (under age 8), you’re sure to find three things – a sandwich on white bread, potato chips (or equivalent) and a juice box. Most unknowing parents would presume the chips are the worst part of that equation in a child’s diet, but would you be surprised if we told you otherwise? Read More »

Back to School in a Breeze: Easy Healthy Meals


As the summer turns to fall and the schedules go from carefree to super-busy, healthy meals often get replaced by their grab-and-go counterparts. As easy as it is to turn to the toaster pastries and drive-through lanes, it’s important to remember that you are shaping your children’s relationship with food for the rest of their lives! No pressure! Never fear, read on for my family’s favorite tips for speedy and healthy meals. Read More »